Caught in the Crossfire of Massive Brawl, Fans Side With Shaquille O’Neal as Ex-NBA Nemesis Finds Little Ruth: “Gonna Find a Way to Blame Dwight..”

Published 02/22/2023, 7:10 AM EST

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Every NBA fan is aware of the beef between Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard. What has escalated into a rivalry in reality is quite one-sided. The Big Diesel has constantly launched relentless attacks against his fellow Orlando Magic peer ever since comparisons broke out. Even after Howard left the NBA, Shaq hasn’t stopped. Only recently he jumped on the three-time DPOY for losing in Taiwan. Well, Howard might want to put his shield up and prepare for another missile coming his way after what happened in his latest contest.

Basketball fans watched in shock as the game between the Taoyuan Leopards and TaiwanBeer HeroBears turned into mayhem. Both sides were involved in a violent brawl following an aggressive play. Even the assistant coach came into the action as the opponents each landed strikes. All in all 12 players were ejected from the game according to Sports Tiger. While the incident is now over, NBA fans feel Dwight Howard might have to endure some jabs coming from Shaq.


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Notably, the 2020 NBA champion was on the bench when the incident took place with his team. Despite not being an instigator of any sort, fans feel a storm brewing.

Shaquille O’Neal reacts to a violent brawl involving Dwight Howard’s team in Taiwan

Howard was one of the players ejected in the incident. However, the headlines don’t cover the inside story. The eight-time All-Star played the role of peacemaker during the entire scuffle. Right as it seemed the fight would escalate beyond control, the 7-footer stepped in the separate both parties. Unfortunately, because he got off the bench, the 37-year-old also had to suffer the repercussions.

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NBA Central shared the entire video of the incident. Many of the fans were puzzled to see Dwight Howard in the mix. On the other hand, some feel Shaquille O’Neal will find a way to hammer the former Lakers center.


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The NBA world even got it somewhat right as the brawl did reach Shaq. The three-time Finals MVP shared the incident on his Instagram story. There was no mention of Howard or any criticism that followed. But nothing says it won’t be a matter of discussion during the next episode of ‘The Big Podcast’.


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Dwight Howard had no role in building up the fight in any way. However, given Shaq’s nature, the Hall of Famer might just find a way to put some blame on him. Do you think The Big Diesel will do so? What did you think of the brawl? Let us know in the comments below.


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