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$80,000,000-Rich Cardi B Showing Love for LSU’s Angel Reese Draws Frenzied Responses From Fans: “Letting Them Cook”

Published 06/03/2023, 6:10 AM EDT

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If there is one name going around in basketball circuits, it’s Angel Reese. From roping in lucrative deals to having a commercial during the NBA Finals, her marketability is on a steep rise. It all began with LSU’s triumphant NCAA championship. Reese’s story and the enlightening journey made the college basketball star a sensation. But just when it seemed Reese’s popularity is hitting its peak, a bombshell dropped on the basketball world.

America’s Favorite Video Today

One of the most popular and erratic music stars featured the Bayou Barbie in one of her music videos. But that’s not all the basketball stans lost their minds over.

Angel Reese and LSU get their very own verse in a new rap song


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Two artists at the very top of their careers came together on one song. Upcoming rapper Latto and the very elegant and vivacious Cardi B released ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’. Fans have hooked on to its catchy tune and raunchy undertone. However, there was a bigger shock. In the music video, we have a special guest appearance from LSU’s Angel Reese.

The moment was enough to shake the basketball fraternity. Yet, that’s not even the end of the surprises the new song had to offer. Cardi B even dedicated a lyric to LSU. “I been ballin’ so hard I could’ve been to LSU,” the 30-year-old rap phenom fires in her song.


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Unsurprisingly, the LSU forward was on cloud nine. Bathing in the euphoria, she tweeted out the Cardi B lyric. Later as the music video went live, the 21-year-old was practically on top of the world. Love came flooding in her direction – NBA Twitter broke down. Even LSU reacted to the song and made an offer.

ok @iamcardib we’re ready for you,” the college wrote on its official Twitter handle.

It’s a moment Angel Reese is still cherishing, and the fans couldn’t be happier for the LSU forward creating such shockwaves on the regular.

NBA fans shower the Bayou Barbie with compliments

Angel Reese fans had a field day as ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’ released. The shoutout to LSU would have probably been enough. However, the perfect reveal of Reese as Cardi B spit the lyrics made the moment ever so sweeter. As Reese shared the news on her Twitter, her stans expressed their joy on the occasion.

“I got excited when I seen Angel!” said one fan which would soon turn into a domino effect:

Then there was the obvious praise for Cardi B, who fans felt did justice to Reese and LSU.

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