After conquering the NBA and successfully making his mark as a legend in the league, Shaquille O’Neal has comfortably transitioned into the cheery personality everyone wants to see on television. People who’ve followed Shaq know that the Lakers legend is extremely hilarious and perfect for entertaining content on camera. Recently, the NBA legend did the same as he had a hysterical piece of advice for a rap legend, that would probably make the latter chuckle.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Shaq decided to drag Eminem’s name in an attempt to make fun of his staff member. It was a hysterical few minutes as co-host Nischelle Turner and Anthony Adams couldn’t hold in their laughter.

Shaquille O’Neal pulls out Eminem’s name to make fun of his staff member


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In a recent episode of The Big podcast, Shaquille O’Neal and Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams were determined to make fun of friend and co-host Nischelle Turner for her obvious liking of Michael B. Jordan.

Apparently, Turner attended the premiere of Creed III recently, while also hanging out with the cast of the movie. Turner was instantly floored by Michael B. Jordan and couldn’t stop talking about him for the rest of the podcast. Naturally, Adams and Shaq sniffed out the opportunity and made fun of their friend on camera. In an attempt to tease her, Adams showed his ‘six-pack’ in front of the camera. 

Shaq immediately realized the great setup of the joke and made it even funnier by naming the crew members of his podcast as the legendary rappers Eminem and Kanye. He then called Kanye, and Eminem to show their physique while sarcastically applauding the likeness of their physique to the Creed III star. The Lakers legend ended the conversation with a hysterical comment on the ‘Rapgod’, as he was enjoying the moment with his crew.

Eminem need one thing though” said Shaq. He further added, ” some motherf***ing tanning lotion“. The crew burst into laughter while acknowledging the hilarious joke on the legendary rapper.

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It is just one of those moments where Shaq elevates the mood of the whole room by doing or saying something outrageous even at the expense of himself. Fans are not unbeknownst of the hilarious antics that he has previously shown on NBA on TNT.

Shaq was chucked into a tree by Kenny Smith

During the Christmas 2022 broadcast of NBA on TNT, the usual commentary took a festive turn when Kenny Smith playfully hurled Shaquille O’Neal into a decorated Christmas tree. The hilarious sight was also shocking as many couldn’t believe that the Big Man could be pushed that hard.


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Many people naturally assumed that Shaq had allowed himself to be pushed that hard for a good TV spot. The Big Man goes out of his way to entertain the audience regularly, an attitude he’s maintained since his playing career.