Former NBA Champion Has a Message for Bradley Beal That Can Help Wizards Gain the Winning Momentum

January 12, 2021 3:45 pm

The Wizards have broken the jinx that was keeping them from winning at home. After losing five games at Capital One Arena, they tasted their first victory against the strong Phoenix Suns. The Wizards stayed ahead throughout the game and won it 128-107. 

It came as no surprise that Bradley Beal was the lone warrior in the success of the Washington-based franchise. His breathtaking play finally yielded some positive results as they overcame the Suns that were ranked #2 in the WC prior to this game. Still, the earlier losses will keep stinging the Wizards until they win three or four games in continuation.

What else can Bradley Beal do to put the team on a winning track?

The 27-YO is scoring an average of 35 points per game. He has been the leading scorer in the league in the first 10 games and is giving consistently mind-blowing performances. Still, his 60-performance against the 76ers and 41-point performance against the Celtics went in vain as they lost both the games.

In a recent interview, a two-time NBA Champion with the Detroit Pistons, Isiah Thomas, threw light on this issue facing Beal. He expressed, “I see that he’s doing everything correct, offensively. However, what he’s got to figure out a way to do is to motivate his team defensively. It appears that they’re doing that tonight.”

Notably, if not for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s last-second goof-up in Wizards vs Nets, the Wizards would have won just two games by now. So these concerns are very real, and coach Scott Brooks must find quick answers.

Washington Wizards and their problems with defense

Earlier, Bradley Beal had hilariously said, “We can’t guard a parked car” to sum up their back-to-back losses even with him scoring 40+ points. But fortunately for them, the defense showed some life against the Suns as they tamed Jae Crowder, DeAndre Ayton, and others quite well.

The Wizards successfully restricted the Suns’ three-point shooting to a meager 14.8% and that became the decisive factor in their victory.

Still, they have their concerns about the onset of injuries. Russell Westbrook will miss at least a week because of his left quadriceps injury. Also, center Thomas Bryant will miss the entire season after he, unfortunately, tore his anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee. 

It’s a tough road ahead for this unit, but if they can somehow maintain tonight’s consistency, they can stay alive in the race to the playoffs.

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Sourabh Singh

Sourabh Singh is an author for Essentially Sports who begun contributing in July 2020 as a UFC writer but soon transitioned to the NBA, his greater love. Previously a Managing Editor, he chose to instead pursue Sports Management. Today, he is following his passion by actively participating in marathons, playing Lawn Tennis, and penning NBA articles.

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