Former NBA Star Possibly Triggers Michael Jordan With Scathing Attack on His Scoring Ability vs Giannis or Jrue Holiday: “It’s Was Easy for Him to Get a Bucket Against GP”

Published 08/31/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

Michael Jordan had everyone in a spell with his scoring arsenal. With the Chicago Bulls, His Airness conquered the NBA as he took flight and glided across the court, leaving his opponents helpless. Several defensive strategies used by teams to prevent Jordan from scoring were ineffective. A succession of masterclasses from the maestro catapulted him to the summit of the NBA.

Jordan brought six championships to the city of Chicago. His exceptional scoring IQ and ability to make baskets from almost everywhere on the offensive end were instrumental in this. In fact, Jordan leads the NBA in career points per game, averaging 30.12.


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Since Jordan’s retirement, several rules have been brought in to make the game more offensively exciting. For example, the league’s elimination of hand-checking helped several players to become menaces on the floor. They could now simply slip past the defense. However, advances in team defenses in recent years have still made it challenging for players to get a bucket.

Former NBA player Jason Williams, renowned for his flashy passing, recently voiced a controversial take on Michael Jordan and his ability to score in the modern NBA. He argued that it would be tough for MJ to score in today’s NBA, especially against a tough defensive team like Milwaukee Bucks.

Jason Williams believes Michael Jordan would struggle to score in today’s NBA

There have been several debates about how the game’s legends might perform in different eras. Jason Williams recently re-ignited one of those heated debates about how Jordan would fare in today’s NBA. And he believes it would be challenging for him to score against a team like the Milwaukee Bucks. He believes they have the personnel to lock down even the great ones like Jordan.


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On his show, ‘The Jason Williams Show’, he discussed Jordan’s easiness of scoring on players like Gary Payton. However, he went on to say that scoring against players like Jrue Holiday and Giannis Antetokounmpo would be difficult.

“It was easy for him to get to the bucket against GP as it would be against Jrue Holiday today with Giannis and Brook Lopez sitting back there…He’s not scoring as easy today as he did back then,” the former point guard said.


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Now, Jrue Holiday and Giannis Antetokounmpo are unarguably two of the best defenders in this league’s history. With multiple All-Defensive teams and DPOY honors among them, it’s difficult for any player to get a bucket on those two. However, it’s even more difficult to imagine that Jordan wouldn’t be the same player in this era.

Jordan’s offensive skill set was arguably way ahead of its time. He had it all, from devastating mid-range jumpers to spectacular finishes near to or at the rim. Now, the Jumpman wasn’t known for his three-point shooting, but given how the game has steered towards it in recent years, it wouldn’t have been long before he likely would have added it to his offensive arsenal as well.


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Do you think Michael Jordan would have been able to score as easily in today’s era of the NBA? Let us know your views in the comments below.



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