‘He Talks So Much S–t’- Former Yankees Player Takes Shots at Michael Jordan

January 2, 2021 2:45 pm

Michael Jordan is one of the best to ever do it. Jordan is a polarizing figure, and one of the main reasons for the growth of the NBA outside of the United States. But not everyone is a fan of Jordan and his trash talking.

Sabathia not a fan

Former New York Yankees player CC Sabathia spoke to Jalen Rose in an interview recently. When he was asked whom he would like to see at the batter’s spot when he is throwing a pitch – LeBron James or Michael Jordan, Sabathia gave an instant response to the question.

He said, “MJ for sure. Because he talks so much s–t. Even now, like, my shoulder’s broken, I want his ass to get in the box right now and strike him out.” 

Chicago Bulls All-Star forward # 23 Michael Jordan file photos. (Photo by Tom Berg/WireImage)

He added that he didn’t appreciate Michael Jordan critiquing his own play when MJ came to watch him play. He even took a shot at Michael Jordan’s failed baseball career.

“Last time he came to one of my starts, I think I had like three or four walks, and I come out of the tunnel and … before he gave me a five, he was like, ‘Why you walking so many guys?’ … I was like, ‘Dawg, I’ve seen the back of your f–king baseball card’.”

Michael Jordan- Trash-talking maestro

Clearly, Sabathia is not a fan of Michael Jordan’s trash talking. Jordan was notorious for his trash talk and trying to get into his opponent’s head.

Jordan would do anything and everything to win the mental battle against his opponent and then try to do the same on the basketball court.

But Jordan wasn’t just a great trash talker. He is an all-time great, and many consider Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time. For the majority of his career, Jordan dominated the NBA. And once he overcame the hurdle of the Playoffs and reached the NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls, he never lost to another team in the NBA Finals.

Jordan went to 6 NBA Finals over the course of 8 years and won them all. But will Mike respond to the comments by Sabathia? It seems highly unlikely unless he takes it personally.

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