“Hope He Got a Tetanus Shot”: Scary Accident on Basketball Court Leaves Shaquille O’Neal and NBA World Stunned

Published 01/21/2023, 11:30 AM EST
Lakers Shaquille O’Neal in game 2 of the playoffs at The Staples Center, Thursday, April 26, 2001. (Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Basketball is a highly physical game that involves close combat dynamics between players with the ultimate goal of scoring more than your opponents. Thus, a massive amount of aggressiveness is required on the players’ part all the time while the ball moves quickly on both sides of the court. However, the high intensity of the game often results in some power-filled moments with shots like throwdowns and dunks. At the same time, such intense shots could also lead to some rare accidents. Recently, one such scary accident left Shaquille O’Neal and the NBA world stunned.

Shaquille O’Neal has been quite active and vocal on his social media accounts. The four-time NBA champ uses his social media presence to express his beliefs in unique ways and also shares videos of some unbelievably stunning moments on the court. Shaq recently shared a shocking video on his Instagram account that has prompted some astonishing reactions from fans.

Dunk accident shocks Shaquille O’Neal and NBA world


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Shaq recently shared a post from a basketball page in his Instagram story. The video features a tall and fit basketball player who shows off his dunking skills. But shockingly, the player ended up being a part of a dangerous incident. In the footage, the player picks up the ball from the court and jumps up to the rim to perform a dunk. However, soon after the ball went into the hoop, the weight of the player hanging on the rim left the backboard glass shattered into pieces. 

Apart from Shaq, the video of the shocking incident has left many fans losing their minds in the comments section. Further, one of the fans wrote, “Zero effort backboard break. That rim looked rusty as shit. Hope he got a tetanus shot.”

Many fans were left stunned by the sad fate that the backboard met after the dunk was made. Here are some reactions from the fans.

“That rim and glass prob been up there since the 70s.”

“Thought coach carter was bout to come out n yell at you. RICHMOND”

“How you supposed to play now.”

“Bro being a ogre.”

“Owner of the gym look like.”

“Practice is over.”

“That hoop was f**k”

“Done that I’m only 196 tall.


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Apart from the shocked fans, Shaquille O’Neal also acknowledged the rare sight of a backboard getting shattered by sharing the video on his Instagram story. Interestingly, Shaquille O’Neal was an expert dunker himself as his massive 7’1 height with 325 lbs physique during his NBA days allowed him to show an unbelievable level of domination.

Shaq’s staggering dunk domination

Shaquille O’Neal’s massive physical features and his skills allowed him to be a heavy scorer on the court. The 15-time All-Star showcased some staggering moments that the NBA had never seen since his arrival as a rookie with the Orlando Magic. Shaq’s (2,626) dunks are the second highest on the list of the most dunks made since 1996 after Dwight Howard (2,910). 


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During his time on the court, the Big Diesel has given his lucky fans numerous shocking backboard-breaking moments with his brutal force.



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