James Harden’s Cryptic Message Leaves NBA Commissioner and Others Perplexed Amid Trade Rumors

December 22, 2020 10:00 am

Going through James Harden’s Twitter account, it is a surprise how less he posts about the Houston Rockets. His last post where he was wearing a Rockets jersey is dated May 1, 2020. While this might not be indicative of anything, his antics from the last one month are symbolic of many other things.

From openly expressing his intentions to move out of Houston and not being very vocal with the new front office to missing practices; Harden did it all. Earlier, there were rumors that he might take his services to the Brooklyn Nets, which obviously did not happen. And now, it seems like another blow is coming his way.

Dec 15, 2020; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard James Harden leaves the court after a victory over the San Antonio Spurs. Mandatory Credit: Mike Wyke/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Is Miami Heat also off the list of teams eyeing James Harden?

The Heat’s front office was earlier destined to keep the salary space large enough to fit-in Giannis Antetokounmpo in the next off-season. However, when Giannis signed his super-max extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, people believed Miami could now focus on the Harden deal. But a recent development is hinting against this.

As per fresh updates, the Pat Riley led organization is no more actively pursuing The Beard. They had preliminary talks with the Rockets, just like a lot of other teams did, but nothing serious took shape.

Perhaps the franchise is okay with Jimmy Butler, Avery Bradley, Bam Adebayo, and others leading them. They might not want to sign a super-expensive Harden as of now. But yes, anything can happen in the near future.

The Beard and the surrounding ambiguity is leaving everyone perplexed

James Harden has been cryptic with his delivery of information to the outer world. The recent Instagram post from him hinted at his annoyance with the media. His moves are confusing because on one day he will misses practise to celebrate a birthday and on another day, a report will claim that he is ready to come back. This hide-and-seek is getting on the nerves of not just the fans, but also the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

The 58-YO top executive spoke about the responsibility every league player has towards the NBA and firmly expressed, “To the extent that a player is unhappy with his team or a team is unhappy with a player, it’s always the league’s strong view that those matters get handled behind closed doors. The expectation is everyone is professional.”

This was Silver’s clear cut take on the Houston-Harden matter. The 2020-21 season is almost here, and it is obvious that it is time for the dust to settle. 

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