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“I’m Constantly Being Harassed”: Michael Jordan Once Faced a $832 Million Lawsuit From His Lookalike for “Making Life Uncomfortable”

Published 10/05/2022, 11:00 AM EDT

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Michael Jordan amassed a massive fan following in the 1990s. His otherworldly basketball talents and unwavering confidence fascinated countless individuals. The onlookers were left spellbound as they witnessed him glide up and down the court, with many wishing they possessed his hooping powers.

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Arguably every single youngster in every other household in America aspired to “Be Like Mike.” They wished they could fly like the Chicago Bulls legend and conquer the NBA hardwood. While many would have loved that, a man didn’t think it was great to literally be like the six-time NBA champion.


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In 2006, a man named Allen Heckard filed a lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Nike, arguing that he is tired of people saying he looks like the NBA legend. He stated it was damaging and making his life more difficult. Heckard claimed that whether at church or when playing ball at his park, people approached him and accused him of resembling Jordan.

“I play ball and people constantly stop and look at me. I’m constantly being harassed,” he argued. “I should be able to enjoy my own life, but everywhere I go, people tell me I look exactly like him.” 

Allen Heckard filed an $832 million lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Phil Knight

Allen Heckard took to the court in Oregon, representing himself. He claimed that this problem started 15 years ago when people started to approach him and asked whether he was Michael Jordan. He argued that his resemblance to the NBA Hall of Famer had caused him emotional distress and suffering.

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Heckard sued Michael Jordan for $416 million on those grounds. He sued Nike’s CEO, Phil Knight, for the same sum, claiming that the brand helped make MJ famous and so, had a part in causing him mental distress.


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Heckard also asserted that he was older than Jordan and so, it was the Chicago Bulls legend who resembled him. He stated that he wished to be recognized as himself whenever he went out, just as Jordan is recognized as Jordan.

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He was, however, six inches shorter than the Bulls’ legend, standing at six feet. Subsequently, later that year, Allen Heckard dropped the lawsuit against Michael Jordan.

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