“I’m Not in Control Here, It’s Like Somebody’s in My Body..”: Michael Jordan Described the Story Behind His Iconic 1992 Celebration in 2014

Published 11/01/2022, 3:59 PM EDT

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People find it challenging to explain Michael Jordan’s game. But there was a time when Michael Jordan himself didn’t know the answer to his gameplay. During Game 1 of the NBA finals in 1992, Michael Jordan bagged 39 points with 10 three-point shots. In the game, a particular celebration of Jordan’s was the talk of the town.

Michael Jordan has a career average of 32.7% in making shots from the 3-point line. Hence, the opinion of the majority is that Michael Jordan’s 3-point shooting is mediocre compared to modern standards. But in game 1 of the 1992 finals, the story was a bit different. Jordan was unstoppable from behind the arc. The Chicago Bulls beat Portland in a 122-89 game.


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Michael Jordan explains his celebration 

Jordan shot six three-point baskets in the first half of Game 1 against the Portland Trail Blazers. After the 6th three-pointer, a surprised Jordan looked at the scorer’s table, simply shrugged his shoulder with his palms wide open, and shook his head. He was in disbelief, and so was the NBA fraternity.  


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During the post-match interview, Jordan stated that shooting from the 3-point line felt like he was shooting a free throw. He said, “Shots started dropping from everywhere.”  

When asked about his jaw-dropping performance, Jordan had a very unlike Jordan answer. He said, “Let me tell you, I surprised them as much as I surprised you and myself, the way I was shooting today.” 

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Years later, in a one-on-one interview with Ahmad Rashad, Michael Jordan opened up about this game. He gave fans a little insight into what he felt during the infamous celebration. Jordan stated that he had nothing else to do except shake his head three times and shrug his shoulders. 

He said, “Look I’m not in control here. It’s like somebody is in my body making the shots all over the place. I mean, what else can you do?”  This particular game has come to be known as the “Shrug Game”. 


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After winning 4 games in the final series, the Chicago Bulls went on to beat the Portland Trailblazers. The Bulls had now been back to back NBA champions. Michael Jordan averaged 30 points per game, bagging the finals MVP trophy.  

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