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Inside LeBron James’ “Self-Love” Routine That Takes $1.5 Million From His Net Worth

Published 12/01/2021, 9:30 AM EST

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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, 36, is one of the best players in NBA history. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his talent and skills, winning many championships, MVPs, and gold medals. Aside from basketball, James is also very passionate about skincare and fitness. 

The way you can see, his physique is very important to him to make it at the highest level. He maintains his body because, through basketball, he knows that his body is the most precious thing he owns.


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What is LeBron James’ net worth? 

Over the course of his 18-year career, James made over $1 billion, including $400 million from his salary on the court and $600 million from endorsements with Nike, Walmart, and many more big brands.

His salary makes him the fifth-highest earned player in the Lakers, but the amount in his bank has increased due to business ventures off the court. His biggest sponsor Nike has made a lifetime deal with him, through which he gets tens of millions of dollars. 


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During the past year, James has made around $65 million through endorsements, memorabilia, and appearances. All the money that he earned, he made investments in high-end real estate, and businesses. 

How much money does LeBron James spend on his body?

In terms of a home gym, trainers, massages, therapists, and nutritionists, the two-time NBA MVP spends around $1.5 million on his body in one year. He believes a strict diet, nutritious foods, and a 4-day-a-week workout routine are essential.

In addition, he spends a lot of money on biomechanics research because it deals with the mechanical laws that are responsible for fitness and how to speed up recovery. This is why he was able to recover so quickly after getting injured in 2015. Maintaining the body’s fitness includes maintaining blood circulation and muscle recovery.  


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When did LeBron become a billionaire?

With his hard-earned money, James is fully prepared before his birthday in December 2024 to become a billionaire. All of these endorsements, hard work in court, and the business deals will make him achieve that goal. After Michael Jordan, he can become the second NBA player to hit the billionaire mark.  


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What are your thoughts regarding this routine and your estimation of his timing to hit a billionaire?



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