“It’s a Sad Day..”: Kevin Durant Reacts to Historic Ja Morant Moment, Leaving Fans Floored

Published 12/25/2022, 1:47 PM EST

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Ja Morant’s incredible rise this season fits perfectly for the occasion of Christmas. A showtime talent, the year four point guard has stunned NBA fans with his nuclear athleticism and clutch dominance. While his run has just begun, Morant has ascended into the stratosphere of superstars. Likewise, as a Christmas gift, he officially joined Nike’s signature shoe lineup alongside the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant. While the Slim Reaper wished him the best, the Brooklyn Nets forward was sad for one reason.

The rumors have boiled over since the swoosh cut ties with Kyrie Irving. To make up for their loss, Nike had Ja Morant next in line. Likewise, just a few hours away from his NBA Christmas debut, Nike gave him a present he always wanted. In a heartwarming video, the 23-year-old received his first signature sneaker, the ‘JA 1’ from his daughter, Kaari.


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The basketball world rose up to congratulate Morant for his much-deserved distinction. Among the faces was 12-time All-Star, Kevin Durant. However, it seems he may be unhappy for one particular reason.

Kevin Durant wishes Ja Morant the best as he welcomes his first signature Nike sneaker

Before becoming an independent face, Morant’s go-to sneakers were some of KD’s signature shoes. From the diverse collection, his favorite seemed to be KD IVs. Notably, the Memphis Grizzlies All-Star has been a fan of the sneaker since his days at Murray State. It didn’t take him long to flaunt his insane collection on the NBA floor. However, with the launch of his own line, it most likely marks the end of Morant’s run in the Slim Reaper’s sneakers.


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Likewise, while welcoming the Most Improved Player to the family, Kevin Durant also revealed his reason to be upset. He hilariously tweeted, “It’s a sad day knowing Ja will never hoop in the KD4s again….great start for 12 brand with these…”


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Morant will most likely bring in his signature heat while facing off against rivals Golden State Warriors. There might not be a much better occasion to show off in new sneakers. The Grizzlies superstar has scored over 20 points in the last three times he has come face-to-face with the reigning champions. While he won’t have the joy of facing Stephen Curry, these two franchises have become bitter rivals over the last few seasons.


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With a Christmas showdown on hand, do you think Ja Morant will kickstart his signature journey with a win? Let us know your views in the comments below.



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