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James Harden Claims Last Season’s Injury Has Taken a Toll on His Numbers After Nets’ Loss vs Miami Heat

Published 10/28/2021, 12:00 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The two teams that everyone expected to have stellar performances as soon as the 2021-22 NBA season kicked off are the ones struggling to find their rhythm. The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers had been predicted to meet in the NBA Finals. However, both teams can’t seem to get it together for many reasons. While the Lakers have injury woes to deal with, the Nets have Kyrie Irving and James Harden issues to handle. In fact, Harden even had a lot to say after their loss to Miami Heat.

James Harden trying to get back to his peak form after injury

Last season, the Brooklyn Nets were all the hype there was in the NBA. They had formed a ‘Big Three’ unlike any other anybody had seen in recent years. But that all went down the drain when injuries entered the equation. So, fans hardly got a piece of the James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving action.


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Harden, who had a hamstring injury last season, still doesn’t seem to be fully recovered from it. Either that or the new rule changes are taking a toll on his numbers. Harden has been an unstoppable force so far when it comes to dropping buckets, especially at the free-throw line. But after the league put an end to players manipulating referees into making foul calls this summer, it really took a hit on James’ game.


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Nobody did it better than him. After their most recent 106-93 loss to Miami Heat, Harden explained that recovering from the injury seems to be the issue. “As much as I want to get back to 30s and 40s points, I can’t do that. As much as I want to, as much as I would love to, I didn’t have any opportunities to play pickup. It was all rehab,” he stated.

The Brooklyn Nets need him to buck up

If Kyrie was there to back Kevin Durant, Harden could have taken his time to ease back into the process. Since that’s not the case, he has no option but to find a way to bring those numbers back up again. KD can’t be expected to handle most of the offensive load and perform well every single game.


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James did say that he will find his way back. He said, “My career, I’ve been blessed just not having any surgeries. That process last year (dealing with injury) was really draining… I’m finally slowly getting back to it. You’ve gotta just keep fighting for it, and I will.”


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Harden’s mere 14 points, combined with KD’s 25 points, and 15 points from Joe Harris were just not enough to defeat Miami. The heat had far more players scoring in double digits and much better than them. They do have a while before their next game against the Indiana Pacers. Fans can only hope they find the old James Harden sooner rather than later.

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