Julius Randle Obliterates Trade Rumors Amid Rumored Roster Overhaul: “A Part Of Helping Trying to Bring a Championship to the Knicks”

Published 01/28/2022, 11:45 PM EST

USA Today via Reuters

The New York Knicks emerged as a marquee team last season after experiencing a playoff berth. Julius Randle emerged as a big-time player and earned his first All-Star selection as well. However, this season, things have not been great. Hence, the Knicks are eyeing a roster overhaul. But Randle doesn’t want to leave halfway through things.

Randle squashed any potential trade rumor and made it clear that he wants to bring a championship to the city of New York.


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After their playoff berth last season, the Knicks made some big off-season moves. They brought in Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier into the roster to be in a better position. However, things have not paid off as they sit at 23-26 as the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference. This is the reason they are eyeing a roster overhaul.

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Julius Randle doesn’t plan on leaving the Knicks

Randle is by far the best player on the New York team. His contributions are a major part of their success. But with the rumored roster overhaul, many players will move around. But for Randle, he has a clear objective of seeing things through for the Knicks. While speaking to The Athletic, he made it clear he wants to stay with the Knicks.

Randle said, “I still wanna be a part of helping trying to bring a championship to the Knicks.”


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Randle emerged as an All-Sar last season putting up 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists for the season. However, he has taken a major dip this season. The forward’s points have dropped all the way to 18, which is his lowest tally in the last 4 seasons. Hence, to have championship aspirations, Randle needs to get back to an All-Star level player.

For the rest of the Knicks, RJ Barrett has been big for them in recent times. Hence, a duo of Randle and Barret could be a good base for the Knicks. However, all other players could be on the clock and be traded. Kemba and Fournier are already rumored to be traded away.


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With the Knicks looking to make the second half of the season count. do you think they will go through with the roster overhaul? Let us know in the comments below.



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