“Just Gonna Pretend That’s Normal?”: Fans Dismantle Injured LeBron James’ Unfiltered Rant That Apparently Has Dual Motives on GOAT Debate

Published 03/12/2023, 6:06 AM EDT

USA Today via Reuters

LeBron James is having a roller coaster of a season with the Los Angeles Lakers this year. The bumpy road for the star continued after he injured his right ankle a few weeks back. However, James is focused on making a return to the team as soon as possible. Nonetheless, the Lakers star’s latest injury update has left NBA fans in a frenzy. Some fans claim that the four-time NBA champion has subtly tried to call himself the GOAT.

Ever since LeBron became the All-Time Scoring leader, the noise around him being the GOAT has increased. Although some fans believe it is not enough for him to overtake Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate, many fans feel he has nothing left to prove in the league. Moreover, his latest rant on Instagram may indicate what he feels about the whole GOAT debate.

The Lakers have managed to stay afloat despite LeBron James’ absence


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The Los Angeles Lakers have managed to put on a great show for their fans in the absence of LeBron James. The team went on to demolish the Toronto Raptors on Friday, led by Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell. Making a return from injury, Russell shined bright for the Lakers, recording 28 points, 9 assists, and 5 rebounds.

However, this is one of the most crucial times of the season for the team considering their position in the Western Conference. With more than 5 teams battling for the last two spots in the playoffs, LeBron James’ absence could eventually prove to be a huge loss for the team.

While LeBron recovers from his injury, he shared a post on Instagram ranting about the media not letting him rehab properly. Although it seemed like it was a normal rant calling out the media, some fans couldn’t help but notice the video he posted alongside it.

Did LeBron subtly call himself the GOAT?

LeBron James posted a video of a mountain goat along with the caption, “Can’t even rehab properly w/o the paparazzi. Just trying to get it right so I can get back out there with my guys! Anyways as you can tell I’ve done nothing but lift massive weights while gone away since I can’t get on the court yet! In due time. See y’all soon!” 


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While he made no mention of the random video in his caption, some fans understood his apparent GOAT claim. Here are some reactions from fans:

“We’re just gonna pretend that’s normal?”

“MJ has never had to say he’s the goat. It’s like how the wealthiest person in the room never have to tell anyone they are wealthy”

“Bro think he MJ”

“Jordan and Kobe never called theirselves Goats, they just did GOAT shit. And they never did load management”

“LeGoat Meets A Goat”


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“Kobe reincarnated”

“Bruh say he the GOAT”

While most of the fans were stunned at the sight of the mountain goat, some slammed him for calling himself the GOAT.


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What are your thoughts on the video? Did LeBron subtly call himself the GOAT? Let us know in the comments.



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