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Lebron James and Kevin Durant Face Struggle for Survival as NBA Hints at Another Blow to Their Legacy

Published 05/18/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

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Fans loved watching LeBron James and Kevin Durant go at each other during their prime. Now LeBron 37, and Durant 33 might not be what they were used to being as they are nearing the twilight of their careers. The playing career of an athlete is not very long when you compare it to most daily jobs. Even though it pays well, there are risks involved that could cut short your career. 

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And most athletes try to lengthen their careers by taking care of their bodies and mind. They do that by eating healthy, drinking enough water, keeping their weight under optimal level, doing proper recovery, yoga, meditation, etc.


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But the NBA schedule is not a walk in the park. Back-to-back games and away trips take a toll on the players. So the star players tend to sit out some not-so-important games during the regular season in order to prevent themselves from getting injured. 

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The NBA has been trying to stop the teams from resting their star players for a few years now. Because the NBA doesn’t the fans who bought tickets to watch the star players play end up disappointed. But the league hasn’t found a way to stop it yet.

Will LeBron James, and Kevin Durant struggle with a potential rule change?

Now, during an interview NBA commissioner, Adam Silver was asked whether there could be an enforcement of a minimum number of games to be eligible for awards. Silver said, “We will definitely look at a minimum number of games to be eligible for awards. There is a minimum number of games now. But I think potentially we should raise that. I think we are also going to look at other incentives for those star players to be on the floor. And again, we wanna make sure we find the right balance. We are not looking to force guys to play through injuries, of course…” 

And this could be a huge blow for some of the aging NBA superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, etc. Even though they aren’t young anymore, they are always in contention for awards. And playing the required number of games would be an injury risk.


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James and KD have also struggled with injuries in recent seasons and this could hurt them even more.


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But the players would be obviously against it. If they can get that much-required rest during back-to-back games, it could help them avoid injuries. 

It is no secret that the postseason has a bigger priority and the #1 aim is winning the NBA title. So if a player can rest a few games here and there and still make the playoffs, they wouldn’t mind doing it.

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Also, head coaches want their players ready and fit during the postseason. So they wouldn’t mind letting their star players sit out a few games and even encourage it. Last year, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was under a lot of pressure of resting his star players. The league reportedly fined the San Antonio Spurs $25,000.

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