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Lakers Reportedly Taking a Unique Approach to Hiring New Head Coach for LeBron James’ Team

Published 04/30/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

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The Los Angeles Lakers had a very disappointing season. After starting the season as one of the favorites, they failed to make the playoffs. They never really got going, and they failed to live up to the hype. After their season ended, the Lakers fired their head coach, Frank Vogel. And now they are in search of a new coach for LeBron James and co. But instead of going through the general method, the Lakers have reportedly adopted a new approach to finding a head coach.

The Lakers fired Vogel the day after their season ended. And they told reporters that they will be doing a long and expansive search and they did not have any frontrunners. Generally, when teams search for a head coach, they request permission for a dozen or more candidates.


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And they conduct video calls to determine the best for the role. And the best candidates are called in for a personal interview and the best one is chosen. But the Lakers have decided to go for a unique approach.

The Lakers are trying a new approach for a new coach for LeBron James and others

Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Purple and Gold will try something different for finding a head coach. He said, “They’re doing this search a little differently than other teams might. Typically, teams will ask for permission on may be up to a dozen candidates — a large number, start interviewing them one after another, do sometimes two or three in a day on Zoom, bring them in person.”

“The Lakers, what I’m told they’re gonna do, is essentially call for permission on a couple guys at a time, talk to those coaches, think about it and then move on to a next group of two, perhaps three.”


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This unique approach may work for the Lakers if they are targeting some coaches who might be still on duty in the playoffs. This also gives them a chance to find the best candidates for the job. It would be easier to assess a group of two or three rather than 12 or more.

USA Today via Reuters

The new head coach will also have a lot of decisions to make on who to keep in the squad and what new pieces will be required to get this team back to where they belong. They will also have to find a way how to best utilize LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


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