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“Michael Jordan Should Stick to Basketball Because He Clearly Doesn’t Know the First Thing About Racing”: Donald Trump Endorsed Author Rips Bubba Wallace

Published 05/22/2022, 12:00 AM EDT

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Michael Jordan needs no introduction when it comes to basketball. He is a serial winner and is regarded by many as the greatest of all time. But some of his other ventures have been as successful. And one of them is his NASCAR venture, where his driver, Bubba Wallace, is having a tough time. He has been hampered by bad luck and some poor performances, but he has not been spared by the critics. Even Donald Trump’s favourite author has gone after the man.

It’s safe to say Bubba has his fair share of haters, and one of them is Nick Adams. Nick is an Australian born political author who is considered to be Trump’s favourite author. He has been referred by Trump and the former president has spoken highly about him. And it seems like he is a racing fan as well.


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But he does not like Bubba. He has bashed him on multiple occasions, and Wallace has actually blocked him on Twitter. But this time he has taken one step further and has also criticized the owner of Wallace’s team, Michael Jordan himself.


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Nick Adams says Michael Jordan doesn’t know racing

Adams has said in the past that Jordan was his favourite athlete. So it is very surprising to see him bash Jordan were his decisions. But it is also to be noted that the main criticism is of Bubba, and not Jordan himself.

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Adams had tweeted something harsh on Twitter recently and he said, “I just discovered Bubba Wallace races on Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team. MJ should stick to basketball because he clearly doesn’t know the first thing about racing.”


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Jordan may not have had great success since his debut. It is still too early to decide anything. We should learn from the past about Jordan. When he came into the league, he was a superstar, but he struggled in the playoffs in the initial years. After he reached a certain maturity, Jordan finally started winning. And when he started to win, there was no stopping him.

He has one of the greatest careers of all time and has established himself at the top of the game. And that might exactly might happen with his racing team. He just needs a little bit more time before Trump’s favourite author can go at him.



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