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Michael Jordan, Who Humiliated a Guy in Front of His Girlfriend Using His Ferrari, Never Trash Talked a “Sworn Enemy”

Published 10/21/2022, 4:30 PM EDT

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NBA legend Michael Jordan is one of the best players ever. Ever since he stepped into the league, he started dominating his opponents on both ends of the court. He won the Rookie of the Year comfortably. Despite the struggles of the team initially, he was scoring unbelievable numbers. It took him some time to convert his individual brilliance into team success. Interestingly, he was not just nimble on his feet; he was also quick-witted. Over the years, there have been some iconic trash-talking and intimidation stories involving MJ.

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Jordan and the Bulls struggled against the Detroit Pistons for years. They lost to the Pistons in the playoffs for three straight seasons. And the Pistons went on to win the NBA title two straight times in 1989 and 1990. While Jordan dominated most sides, he could not do that against the Bad Boys who were one of the best defensive teams ever. They played very physically and MJ hit the deck most often than not.


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There were no easy buckets, and he had to earn every point. The six-time NBA champion once revealed he could not handle the “Jordan Rules” of the Pistons.

Despite hating the Pistons, Michael Jordan showed respect for this Hall of Famer

Despite the huge rivalry and his trash-talking habits, Michael Jordan did not trash-talk with one player from the Pistons. It was Joe Dumars who revealed it during a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. “You know that he and I matched up against each other for 14 straight years. In those 14 years, never once did he try to trash-talk me, and never once did I try to trash-talk him,” Dumars recounted.


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Dumars added there was mutual respect between the two every time they faced each other. He also mentioned even after every loss, Jordan would shake his hand and wish Dumars good luck.


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Dumars also talked about how MJ seemed to quite like him, unlike some of his other teammates.

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However, it did not sit well with Jordan when the Pistons walked off after losing the series in 1991. Even in The Last Dance documentary, MJ talked about his dislike for the Pistons.

Recently, former player and basketball analyst Kendall Gill disclosed how MJ embarrassed him in front of his girlfriend without even trying. Despite having a 456 GT Ferrari, he could not take it when his girlfriend pointed out Jordan’s 550 Maranello and asked him whether he can get one. “It was the newest model Ferrari put out. I’m thinking, ‘I just can’t beat this guy.’,” Gill said.



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