“My Boy Bout to Hold Himself Out of a Career”: NBA GM Using Kevin Durant Example to Slam Suns Star Leaves Fans in Splits

Published 12/24/2022, 8:00 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The NBA off-season was akin to a soap opera. Each team had its fair share of breaking news and drama. The Brooklyn Nets dealt with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s trade demands while the Golden State Warriors witnessed fights within the team. The Phoenix Suns saw trouble with the owner for the most part. However, there were episodes of crisis with the roster that included Jae Crowder. While serving out the final year of his contract with the Suns, Crowder wanted a hefty contract extension. But both parties couldn’t meet in the middle. So Crowder decided to hold off and not play the season.

Crowder’s decision was not taken well by many. One NBA Team general manager, in particular, voiced his displeasure. In a recent interview, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that the Suns’ star was refusing to play for a potential playoff team. The GM believed that this made a lot of teams question Crowder’s commitment. While expressing his vexation, he drew a parallel between Crowder and Kevin Durant. The unnamed GM said, “It’s one thing if Kevin Durant’s holding out because he’s not getting paid enough, but Jae Crowder? Seriously”? This left NBA Twitter in shambles.


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NBA Twitter launches an attack on Jae Crowder and the General Manager

Fans were quick to call out both the GM and Jae Crowder. First, they reminded this general manager that using Kevin Durant as an example was unnecessary and uncalled for. They justified this by pointing out that the two-time NBA Champion is still playing for the Nets this season. Following this, fans launched an attack on Crowder. Many believed that the 32-year-old is bringing his career to an with such antics. They also claimed that Crowder was holding himself to a very high standard and making himself look like a LeBron James-like player. Here are some of the reactions:

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets’ off-season troubles

Reports suggest that Kevin Durant did give the Brooklyn Nets a tough time during the off-season. Supposedly, Durant had certain demands that needed to be met for him to continue on the team. He wanted former coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks to leave the time. Following the release of this report, all eyes were on the Brooklyn Nets.

USA Today via Reuters

However, something changed and the 2014 season MVP decided to stay with the Nets. Despite making a decision this drama consumed the NBA Community. Durant was sick of it. He asked for the world to move past this situation.


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As per an article in Sports Illustrated, he said, “I didn’t miss any games, I didn’t miss any practices. I’m still here, so hopefully, we can move past that.”  


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