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“My Pumpkin Butt”: Elder Sister Amirah Gushes Over Shaquille O’Neal’s 6’4 Daughter Who Might Take WNBA by Storm

Published 01/18/2023, 11:30 AM EST

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The basketball gene runs through the Shaquille O’Neal family. However, only some of his kids have activated the gene and shown interest in the sport. His son Shareef O’Neal has already made news and is on the path of possibly joining the NBA. When compared to his father’s days, Shareef’s grind is different. While still trying to make his mark for G League Ignite, he is busy working out with NBA teams with the aim of improving and finding a spot in the league. As he continues to work hard, his youngest sister, Me’arah O’Neal, is following in his and his father’s footsteps in basketball as well.

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Me’arah O’Neal is 16 years old and plays for Santa Monica’s Crossroads School in California. According to Shaq, she is the best athlete in the O’Neal family and the Big Diesel takes a lot of pride in the same. On a podcast episode, Shaq once spoke about her and said, “She is 6’4”, and she is really good; her name is Me’arah O’Neal”. With that said, Shaq isn’t the only family member to be in awe of Me’arah.

Amirah supports her sister publicly


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Earlier in the day, Me’arah’s elder sister Amirah O’Neal gushed about her on her recent Instagram story. From the looks of the video, Amirah was attending Me’arah’s high school game. The video featured Me’arah jogging on the sideline while making a funny smiling face at her sister. Amirah paired this video with an adorable caption that said, “My pumpkin butt”. The caption also included a pink heart.

While her family gushes over her, Me’arah has given them more reasons to be proud of her. In the early days of 2022, she was offered a scholarship from UCLA. Supposedly, this is her second Divison 1 scholarship offer. The first one she received was from the University of Virginia. She took to Instagram to announce the news of her UCLA scholarship.


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She posted a picture in the UCLA varsity jacket and wrote, “blessed to receive my 2nd D1 offer from UCLA”. Further, she thanked everyone and stated that she was loving the colors of the college. However, Me’arah added that she hasn’t committed to any institution yet. The 6’4 star is only a few years away from taking the WNBA by storm.

Shaquille O’Neal on helping his children


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On the Big Podcast, Shaq too revealed that his daughter was receiving college letters and scholarships. He stated that getting offer letters at the age of 16 was unheard of during his time. While speaking about this, he added that he doesn’t force his decisions on his children. The aim is for them to face the music of life themselves.

However, the four-time champion mentioned that he is always there to guide them and give them advice. He said, “They know that they have an encyclopedia, aka Dad that has all the answers. I try to let them figure it out. You know, I don’t want to line it up for them. I just say, hey you know this can happen, that can happen, and leave it up there.” 


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