Michael Jordan’s NASCAR Driver Spent Thousands of Dollars Just to Avoid Coming Across as a “Fanboy”

Published 12/27/2022, 10:30 AM EST

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Michael Jordan is one of the most popular sporting icons on the planet. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone claimed that he single-handedly transformed the NBA into a global phenomenon. Undoubtedly, such a level of accomplishment entails fandom from huge swaths of people, everyone wants a piece of His Airness’ legacy. Often some celebrities and stars couldn’t help themselves fanboying for the legend. In a similar incident, this veteran driver of Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team once spent thousands of dollars just to not come across as a fanboy.

Michael Jordan owns and manages 23XI, a NASCAR racing team alongside Denny Hamlin. The team has shown a promising track record ever since its inception in 2020. However, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, revealed in an interview a while ago, how he splashed some good amount of money on MJ to not come across as a fanboy.

Kurt Busch’s master plan to avoid looking like a Michael Jordan fanboy


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In an episode of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ on July 2022, Kurt Busch, the former 23XI driver revealed his master plan to get MJ’s autograph without coming across as a fanboy. Busch went on to narrate how he bought an expensive Michael Jordan rookie card, just to get MJ’s signature without directly asking for it. Busch said, “I’m gonna give it [rookie card] to him, and then I’m gonna give him a pen and I’m gonna have him hold the card and then I get it back after we win [Race] together.

The Michael Jordan rookie cards are a rare commodity and hold a heavy price on the market. Reacting to Busch’s story, Rashaan Roger, the host said, “Jordan rookie cards are like they cost like as much as like some real cars.


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Busch then narrated Jordan’s reaction when he unwrapped the rookie card in front of him after the race. He said, “He [Jordan] unwraps, he goes, man you, you paid pretty penny for this how much did you pay.” However, the former 23XI refused to reveal the price to MJ. Getting your hands on an MJ rookie card is lucky but getting an MJ signature on it is beyond the wildest dreams of a Jordan fan.

Kurt Busch gets another surprise from MJ

Kurt Busch took to Twitter to flaunt the Christmas presents sent by His Airness. He tweeted, “Happy holidays everyone! Hope your Santa is as nice as mine!” MJ presented him with a Jordan shoe which seemed like the Air Jordan 4 Retro. It is speculated that the cost of the shoe could go up to $420. It’s surely the perfect Christmas present.


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