NBA Legend and a Father Figure Once Exposed Dennis Rodman for Having “Childlike Qualities in a Man’s Body”

Published 10/25/2022, 10:48 AM EDT

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Dennis Rodman is quite an unprecedented figure in the NBA or anywhere else in sports. The qualities he possessed always set him apart from everyone else. Aside from being one of the most competitive players back in the 90s, his thoughts and emotions also made this player legendary.

Furthermore, he also played an important role in making the Detroit Pistons one of the greatest teams ever back then. As a member of this team, he won two championships in the late 1980s.


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It was just the beginning for him, as he contributed to completing the second three-peat for the Chicago Bulls following his time with Michael Jordan. We saw a basketball player, particularly while he was with the Pistons, who was both intensely competitive on the basketball court and emotional off of it.

At the time, his thoughts and his off-court life made him one of the most famous personalities. In addition to becoming a better basketball player, his time on the Pistons also helped him to become a better person.

In the same way, as with his teammates and coach, he was developing a better relationship. He has talked about how he has benefited so much from the environment he had at that time. It was evident that he had a good relationship with his former head coach, Chuck Daly, who was like a father-figure and a mentor for him.

Former head coach Chuck Daly on Dennis Rodman

During one of Daly’s interviews about Rodman, he described him as a human being and as a basketball player. On the court, Rodman was the most competitive and a player that said “I don’t give a damn.” But he put so much effort into things that he cared about. One time, NBA legend and father figure once revealed Rodman’s “Childlike Qualities”.

“Dennis is a guy who has childlike qualities in a man’s body,” Daly explained. “He wears all his emotions on his sleeve. And he’s very easy to hurt.” Rodman regarded Daly as his father. One of his tweets mentioned how important Daly was to him.


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As a result, Daly understood the pain he carried during his career. Particularly after Daly’s departure during the 1992-93 preseason and the breakdown of his marriage to Annie Bakes. The fact that he was unable to spend time with his daughter Alexis Rodman broke him to the core.


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Through time, he recovered and put his best efforts into maintaining family relationships and his professional career. 


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