‘Never Played at NBA Level’: Charles Oakley Denounces Stephen A. Smith Over Russell Westbrook Critique

April 8, 2021 3:00 am

Russell Westbrook has been playing some of his best basketball this season. In his last 10 games, Westbrook has been on an incredible run, putting triple-doubles in seven games, and double-doubles in the other three. Westbrook has been showing why is one of the best players in the world. But these numbers coming during losses drew the ire of NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith.

Charles Oakley warns Stephen A. Smith

Former NBA All-Star Charles Oakley issued a stern warning to Stephen A. Smith. He noted that he understands that ESPN wants him to be one of their lead basketball analysts, but he needs to be careful with his takes. A player like Russell Westbrook puts up really strong numbers, and there is a reason the head coach has not asked him to change his style of play.

Mar 29, 2021; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook (4) reacts after a three point basket against the Indiana Pacers during the fourth quarter at Capital One Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

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“Stephen A. Smith, I know ESPN wants you to be the main lead and the guy who knows everything about basketball. You gotta hit the brakes on these guys. Westbrook is getting a triple-double. It might not be the best for his team, that’s up to the coaching staff.” 

Oakley defends Russell Westbrook

Oakley added that an analyst like Stephen A. Smith has almost zero influence on the coach’s decision. And the franchise seems happy with the coach, having not fired Scott Brooks yet. He criticized analysts for not having any experience having played in the NBA but feeling like that they have the right to comment on the sport, just because they have a journalism degree.

“They let him do what he do. A commentator can’t change the coaching style. They ain’t fired Brooks yet. So I think that some of these guys just over-talked about basketball never played at the NBA level. They figured because they got a degree, they can talk about this and that. You’ve got to be careful out here.”

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Can Russell Westbrook lead the Washington Wizards to the NBA playoffs? Currently, he is the leading attacking option for the Washington Wizards. The absence of Bradley Beal has forced Westbrook to step up his game in recent weeks, but the Wizards are still struggling in the Eastern Conference.

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