“I Looked It Up…On Like Six Websites”: After NFL Legend’s Public Apology Over Lakers Brawl, Shannon Sharpe Leaves Ex-NBA Star in Awe With His Bizarre Outfit

Published 01/24/2023, 5:30 AM EST

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After his royal rumble with the Memphis Grizzlies, Shannon Sharpe issued a public apology to the NBA World. In his monologue, he apologized to a list of people for his sideline brawl with Ja Morant and co. during Friday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Grizzlies. He took “full responsibility for what transpired” and held himself accountable. The NFL Legend spoke about his platform and influence on people; and stated that he “should have lowered the temperature in the arena”. While the NBA world weighed in on this 3-minute apology, a former NBA star was left in awe of Sharpe’s fit. 


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For Friday night’s game, Sharpe was decked up in brown pants and a white plain tee paired with a unique patchwork cardigan. Minutes after the brawl, his behavior was the talk of the town but for former NBA Star JJ Redick, his cardigan was the sole focus. He took to Twitter and enquired about Sharpe’s “elite button-up”. Days after this inquiry, Redick seemed to continue his obsession with the cardigan. 

JJ Redick’s obsession over the blue-shade cardigan 

Golden State Warriors veteran, Andre Iguodala responded to Redick’s inquiry and stated that the cardigan was made by the brand ‘Greg Lauren’. Following this, Redick rushed online to research the item of clothing. As mentioned in The Old Man and the Three podcast, Redick claimed to be a fan of the cardigan. He said, “I looked it up, I went on like six websites today.” 


He further spoke about the price of the cardigan. Redick claimed that the cardigan’s price on one website was around $5,800. Redick believed that this was the “Shannon Sharpe effect”. 

The ex-NBA Star and his co-host analyzed if Redick could pull off the fit. Redick noted that the size chart mentioned online made no sense to him. He said, “Shannon, he’s my height he’s got like 40 pounds on me, barrel-chested, very fit and I couldn’t find a size larger than XL.” 

Shannon Sharpe apologized to LeBron James 


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After the events on Friday Night, LeBron James stood up for Sharpe (a loyal LeBron stan). As mentioned in Sports Illustrated, LeBron said, “I ride with Shannon 365 days, 366 on a leap year, 24/7. So that’s my guy.”

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Furthermore, he stated that he’s got Shannon’s back, always. Following the four-time NBA Champion’s move, Sharpe apologized to LeBron as well. He said, “Bruh, I’m sorry I put you in this situation that you had to support me in something like this.


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