Michael Jordan Gets Dragged Amid Major Tom Brady Future Uncertainty: “It’s Still High Level, but Not…”

Published 01/17/2023, 9:02 AM EST
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NFL legend Tom Brady has won it all. Last year, after a playoff loss, he announced his retirement and was back on the court a few months after this announcement. Michael Jordan retired twice during his time in the NBA and Brady’s short retirement seemed eerily close to what MJ had done in the past. Recently, the Dallas Cowboys got the better of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which knocked Brady out of the NFL playoffs. With his future still in the air, six-time NBA champion Jordan was dragged into Brady’s future debate on ESPN.

The host took the audience back to the time when Jordan played for the Washington Wizards after coming out of retirement. Additionally, he also compared Brady to ‘Washington Jordan’ which started a debate surrounding their time with their respective teams.

Michael Jordan and Tom Brady’s time after retirement compared


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Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are arguably two of the greatest names in American sports history. The two have had immensely successful careers in their sports and are usually considered the GOAT.

Apart from their successes, they also have another thing in common. Both athletes have come out of retirement to play again. While Jordan retired twice, Brady has retired once, for now.

DATE: 10/20/01 PHOTO BY : JOEL RICHARDSON DIG MICHAEL JORDAN AND THE WIZARDS HOST NEW JERSEY NETS (Photo by The The Washington Post via Getty Images) | Courtesy: Getty Images

However, similar to Jordan’s time with the Washington Wizards, Brady has faced a lot of disappointment. He was recently knocked out of the NFL playoffs and fans are wondering about his future.

Following Brady’s exit, panelists on ESPN debated whether a team is getting ‘Washington Jordan’ in case they decide to go for Brady. Scott Van Pelt said, “They got Jordan on the back end of a career right, it’s still Michael Jordan and it’s still high level, but not Bulls’ Jordan. If you are a team out there and you want Brady, are you getting Washington Jordan?”

Former NFL safety Ryan Clark hopped on the debate and asserted that while Jordan had a young roster, Brady would need top teammates and coaches. Additionally, Clark went on to explain how Brady needs a number one wide receiver, a tight end, and also a top coach with whom he’ll be comfortable.

Brady left fans wondering about his future

NFL legend Tom Brady is currently 45 years old but age is something that has never held him back. After the loss against the Dallas Cowboys, Brady faced the fans and the media.

While many expected a hint about his future, he left them wondering. Brady said, “I love this organization. It’s a great place to be. Thank you everybody for welcoming me. Just very grateful for the respect and I hope I gave it back to you guys.”


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Following his words, fans around the world started speculating on what he really meant. There is a chance he leaves the Buccaneers after this season and continues in the NFL. Teams like the Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders have been linked to the seven-time NFL champion. However, his future is something we can only speculate about until official confirmation.

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