“Literally Changed the NBA”: Despite Ex-Celtics Choosing Patrick Mahomes Over Stephen Curry, Fans Side With Veteran Analyst

Published 06/06/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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The sporting world has come up with interesting analogies and comparisons about NBA superstar Stephen Curry and NFL icon Patrick Mahomes. For some, Stephen Curry is the Patrick Mahomes of the NBA. For others, Mahomes is the Curry of the NFL. Anyhow, a bunch of analysts have now weighed in on the popularity of the two sporting icons. Interestingly, many of these analysts have chosen one superstar over the other.

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A Boston Celtics veteran opined that he would choose to watch Patrick Mahomes’ showdown over Stephen Curry’s. A famed analyst, however, begged to differ. While the analyst explained why the 4x-NBA champion is an attractive pick, NBA fans also nodded in agreement.

An analyst disagrees with a Celtics veteran’s pick


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A recent episode of ESPN’s First Take saw a bunch of sports analysts discussing whether Stephen Curry or Patrick Mahomes is the better crowd puller. Soon, each of the analysts were asked to pick between Steph and Mahomes – as to whose game they would spend money on to watch. NFL player-turned-broadcaster Louis Riddick picked Curry over Mahomes. NBA star-turned-analyst JJ Redick revealed he was “biased” towards the Golden State Warriors star.

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When the Celtics veteran Kendrick Perkins’ turn came, he said he would rather watch Patrick Mahomes play. “I would pay my hard-earned money to watch him [Mahomes] throw that damn football, any given Sunday,” Kendrick Perkins said. Stephen A. Smith of First Take fame, however, refused to think like Perkins. “I would go with Steph too,” Stephen A. said.


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He then explained how there is no one who is really a box office in football. According to Stephen A., football draws massive crowds with or without star players.

“With or without Patrick Mahomes, you are showing up to Arrowhead Stadium, without an empty east in the house to watch Kansas City Chiefs,” Stephen A. added. “Football is religion now. So, with or without Patrick Mahomes, you are watching football. That’s not the case with some folks in basketball.”

Fans think like Stephen A. Smith

For most fans, Stephen Curry is more box office than Patrick Mahomes. At the heart of Steph’s unreal fame is the way he redefined the NBA with his shooting prowess“Curry literally changed the nba of course he more box office,” commented a fan under the First Take clip.

Moreover, certain fans also think that basketball is more global and popular than football, and Steph apparently pulls more crowds than Mahomes. “Basketball is Global. It’s a reason why Lebron and Steph are more popular than Brady and Mahomes,” a fan said.

Here are some of the responses from fans.

“Global or not, curry is more box office. Just like how basketball players are more marketable than football players”

“Kendrick Perkins choose… Patrick mahome because he don’t like da warriors and he jealous of da warriors but jj Reddick and Stephen a Smith and that brutha wit a suit choose… Steph curry”


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“Yeah Curry is more box office”

“Not even a comparison. Wardell Stephen Curry >”

“I mean that’s kinda obvious any NBA superstar is way bigger than mahomes”


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Whom would you love to watch on a Sunday, Stephen Curry or Patrick Mahomes? Let us know in the comments!



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