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NFL Veteran Savages “Big Chicken” Shaquille O’Neal for Refusing NBA Return as 7 Ft Legend Finally Breaks Silence

Published 05/18/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

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Shaquille O’Neal was one of the most dominant players in the NBA. And any NBA fan would want to watch him play again. At 50, he might not be as dominant as he was during his prime. But it looks like former NFL player Spice Adams definitely doesn’t mind that. All he wants is the big fellow to go up against Rudy Gobert. 

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Recently, Rudy said that he would lock up a prime Shaq on social media and the fans had a field day because of his comment. O’Neal responded with a post of his own. And people have been giving their opinion about the matchup. But even the Utah fans would agree that the Frenchman could not handle the Shaq attack.

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The spat has been going on for years now between Shaq and Rudy. Everything started when Rudy Gobert signed a huge five years $205 million contract offered by Utah Jazz. And Shaq was bemused by the huge amount given Rudy’s offensive numbers.


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Shaquille O’Neal vs. Rudy Gobert

And in the recent episode of Shaq’s podcast called ‘The Big Heart of Texas’, comedian Spice Adams made some efforts to make the Big Diesel play against Gobert. He wanted to see Shaq play, irrespective of what the game was. He even suggested the two at least compete in a game of ‘HORSE’.

Then O’Neal said, “You know what? I would do this. I would give him 3 attempts to block my dunks. If I start training in November and get my dunk legs ready, I’ll be ready.”. So understandably, Adams was hyped up, as any Shaquille O’Neal fan would be. He was screaming his lungs out.


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But O’Neal was just messing with Spice. He denied the opportunity and said that he can’t play at 50. But was insistent and said that Rudy can’t do anything to stop Shaq when posts up. Shaq still declined, saying, “Rudy, you win” and started waving a white flag. 

So obviously Spice was brought back to earth and was hilariously paranoid that Rudy would hear about this and talk trash on social media.

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So he resorted to calling him “Big Chicken” in the hopes of making him angry enough to accept the matchup. Spice said, “…He’s gonna say something different next week I guarantee… Because Rudy is gonna be all in the comments like ‘I told you all’.” Spice then hilariously made some chicken noises and called him “Big Chicken”

But the Lakers legend played it cool and continued that he is 50.

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