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“Pathetic Owner”: NBA Fans Berate Michael Jordan Once Again After Hornets’ Major Update for 27-YO Star Resurfaced

Published 05/30/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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Michael Jordan has held a majority ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets since 2010. Prior to this, he became the Hornets’ managing member of basketball operations in 2006. As a result of this acquisition, he became the first former player to control the majority of an NBA team. Under his ownership, the Hornets have only made the playoffs twice, and seeing their former star making headlines in the Conference Finals has irked Charlotte fans again.

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There have been conflicting views regarding Michael Jordan’s stint as the Charlotte Hornets owner. Some critics, including Charles Barkley, claim that the team hasn’t had much success under his ownership. However, a few feel that Jordan’s drive for the game has rubbed off on the team.

Michael Jordan receives criticism for another Hornets blunder


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Michael Jordan has received much criticism regarding his ownership of the Hornets throughout the years. However, the most hurtful comment he received was from his best friend back then. Charles Barkley said, “I love Michael, but he just has not done a good job.” Furthermore, in an interview with ESPN’s Chicago radio station, he revealed how the people around Jordan affect his ownership skills. This upset Michael Jordan, as it was his own best friend that betrayed him.

This incident took place over 10 years ago and the duo hasn’t spoken to each other since then. Meanwhile, the criticism of His Airness has continued as a major mess up by the Charlotte Hornets resurfaced amid the ongoing playoffs.


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The Charlotte Hornets waived current Miami Heat star Caleb Martin in 2021. A fan tweeted, “Michael Jordan going to hell for all the dumb decisions he’s made as an owner.” This fan implied that waiving the 27-year-old was a decision that Jordan made. And that too, a dumb one. However, how could a decision made in 2021 affect Martin now?

Jimmy Butler narrowly defeated Caleb Martin in a vote count of five to four to win the Eastern Conference Finals MVP this season. Although, this decision was not without contention. Many fans and analysts believe that Caleb Martin was more deserving of the honor. Few fans slammed MJ for waiving a potential star so early in his career, calling it a “dumb decision”.

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Despite what fans claim, it is unsure whether a team’s owner makes the final decision of waiving a player.

NBA World questions Jordan’s skills as an owner

Martin, who has been one of the best players for Miami this postseason, had left many Hornets fans fuming. They blamed the Charlotte Hornets and ultimately Michael Jordan for waiving Caleb Martin off in 2021. They took to Twitter to share their opinion on this.

A fan tweeted, “Pathetic owner, lol.”

This fan took his time and meticulously drew out the forms, stats, and ways Michael Jordan has failed as a GM.

On the other hand, a few fans came to his defense stating that the decision was not his to make.


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What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe Caleb Martin deserved this title instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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