Raging Bull Zach LaVine is Chasing Michael Jordan in a Unique Franchise Record

February 22, 2021 3:30 pm

The Chicago Bulls are a couple of wins away from finding their name in the Top 8 of the current EC rankings. This isn’t a small deal for a team that had won only 71 games in totality for the three seasons before this one. Also, for the franchise that last tasted ultimate success during the era of Michael Jordan, these wins bring some hope.

The Bulls can keep their playoff hopes alive solely because of Zach LaVine, who is performing well every single night. The 25-YO Zach is playing his fourth season for the Bulls and is only getting better with his offensive prowess. 

Zach LaVine is chasing Michael Jordan at full throttle

The Flight 8 of the NBA, Zach, started his year 2017 with an injury scare. On February 4, he injured his left knee with a torn ACL and missed many games in that season, both for the Timberwolves and later with the Bulls. But he kept raising his average year-on-year to finally reach closer to 30 ppg this season.

Chicago Bulls All-Star forward # 23 Michael Jordan file photos. (Photo by Tom Berg/WireImage)

In the last eight games for the Bulls, LaVine has averaged 35+ ppg and has gotten his name alongside Michael Jordan’s in the franchise’s history books. 

Out of these eight games, the Bulls have won five crucial ones. Plus, his 46-point performance against the Pelicans was especially amazing because there was no other way they could’ve beaten such a loaded roster.


How is LaVine helping the Chicago Bulls with their playoff vision?

Zach LaVine is a very athletic player who has the capability to catch-and-shoot from long range. His three-point shooting is resting at a career-high 42.9%, converting 3.5 threes (10.5 points) per game this season. Plus, he is exceptional at transition plays coming off the screen to break the best of defense. All this adds to his offensive explosiveness and helps the Bulls who lacked it after Derrick Rose left. 

The Bulls also have guard Coby White as a complimentary hand to Zach and a bench headed by Garrett Temple. With such a performing roster and a decent start to the campaign, they can most definitely jump the ladder in the rankings. 

Do you think Zach LaVine can break any of the major Michael Jordan records

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