Shaquille O’Neal, Who Lost 50 lbs at Age 50 After Being Warned of Possible Death, Leads $6.1 Million Effort to Battle Obesity

Published 09/24/2022, 11:34 PM EDT

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Ever since taking the court for one last time in 2011, Shaquille O’Neal has continued to add to his legendary success story. While his on-court talents catapulted him to the summit, his off-court exploits have allowed him to flourish. The big man’s seamless transition into the business world has helped him accumulate a fortune.

Shaq is a heavy investor, and it shows in his dominance in the franchise game. However, the big man doesn’t just take a leap in the dark. In fact, he has a master’s degree in business and has been able to put that knowledge to good use.


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Limbo, a health and wellness service, is the most recent addition to Shaq’s investment portfolio. Pat Phelan, an Irish entrepreneur, co-founded the recently launched service. He gave the go-ahead for Limbo after raising roughly $6 million from multiple investors, including Shaq.

Limbo can be described as a weight-loss technology startup that has been brought forward to tackle obesity and help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. It uses real-time biodata to develop an individualized approach for users to lose weight.


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Shaquille O’Neal must have likely done intensive research before investing in the startup. Furthermore, as the Los Angeles Lakers icon has previously stated, he only invests if he personally likes the product, and believes it will make a positive impact in the lives of others. And fair to assume, he must be enthusiastic about this investment, given his own battle with obesity in the past.


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Shaquille O’Neal battled obesity after Kobe Bryant’s death

Shaquille O’Neal’s Instagram post of him showing off his ripped physique has been making rounds on the internet.

However, the big man needed a harsh reality check before he started off his fitness journey.

Following his former teammate and dear friend Kobe Bryant‘s death in January 2020, Shaq was broken. He turned to food as a coping mechanism after the tragic death of the Lakers legend. However, drowning his sorrows in calories left the big man in the worst shape of his life, weighing around 415 lbs.

The NBA Hall of Famer decided to go for a doctor’s checkup and returned with a harsh dose of a reality check. According to Shaq, the doctor simply questioned him, “Do you wanna die?” and that was enough to get him on the right trajectory.

He kicked off his fitness journey as he started hitting the gym and started eating a lot better. Remarkably, he shed around 50 lbs and is now arguably in some of the best shape of his life at the tender age of 50.

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Shaq is now set to assist other people to embark on a fitness journey of their own with his latest venture.



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