“Sheesh!”: Stephen Curry’s Ex Teammate and Hundreds More Left in Disbelief As Millionaire Actor Jason Sudeikis Steals the Spotlight at Knicks Game

Published 03/19/2023, 6:10 AM EDT

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The Friday night game against the Denver Nuggets turned out to be great for the New York Knicks. After defeating the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers, the Knicks took on Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets only to claim victory over them. Having won 42 games to date, the team has shown great consistency and fight which have troubled the franchise in the previous seasons. While the Knicks got their flowers for their victory, it was Jason Sudeikis who ended up impressing the MSG attendees with a surprising feat.

Despite being the top contender in the Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets fell short of the Knicks, who defeated them 116-110. 26-year-old Knicks star Jalen Brunson led his team to victory by dropping 24 points with the help of Julius Randle, who added 20 points and seven rebounds.

Jason Sudeikis showed off his basketball skills


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Who would have thought that ‘Ted Lasso’ would be turning several heads at the Knicks game with his hooping skills? Actor/comedian Jason Sudeikis and his son Otis were among the thousands of attendees who witnessed the Knicks win their third straight game. While fans rejoiced in the team’s victory, it was his stunt after the game that ended up becoming the highlight of the night.


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In a video that has been making the rounds on the internet, Sudeikis could be seen taking a jumper like a pro. The millionaire Hollywood actor’s successful shot turned out to be a pleasant shock for his ‘Ted Lasso’ co-stars who had attended the game as well.


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It seems like Sudeikis has a soft spot for the sport, given that he was a fairly good player himself when he was a college student. The Golden Globe Award recipient had gotten into the Fort Scott Community College on a basketball scholarship.

Sudeikis impressed NBA fans

As fans stumbled upon the video, they were quick to point out his impressive wrist movement. One fan compared him to the celebs who played at the All-Star game and wrote, “Yo ted has a nice form. Better than any of them celeb all star game.”

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Whereas, another fan complimented his shot in his comment that read, “He’s definitely a hooper look at the wrist flick.” Interestingly, the video also caught the attention of Stephen Curry‘s former teammate Kent Bazemore, who wrote, “Lefty too. Sheesh.” Take a look at a few more of the comments.

“enter him in the celeb game nxt yr hahah”


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“That was a very solid shooting form”

“Impressive.. didn’t even need a running start like some fans do”

“Boy that jumper was clean”


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“He gotta really hoop. Cuz his form legit”

Seems like Sudeikis probably could have made it as a professional basketball player had he not chosen a different career path in college.



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