“She’s Beautiful!!!”: LeBron James Says “Welcome to the Family” After Latest Entry to His Business That Competes With Michael Jordan

Published 06/07/2023, 7:10 AM EDT

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LeBron James, the dominant king of the NBA court, also continues to make waves outside of it. Continuing his legacy off the court, LeBron has expanded his business empire beyond the realm of basketball.

In an Instagram story, LeBron expressed his excitement while sharing his latest venture and warmly welcomed it to his ever-growing family of business endeavors.

The new member of the LeBron James family


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Beyond the court, LeBron James is also a formidable force in the business world. His latest venture, the Anejo 1707 limited edition tequila, is a testament to his ongoing success. In an Instagram story, LeBron expressed his excitement, saying, “She is beautiful, welcome to the family.”

Introducing the Anejo 1707 limited edition to LeBron’s tequila line is a significant milestone in his entrepreneurial journey. This latest addition showcases his commitment to crafting premium products and providing unique experiences for his consumers. The announcement on his Instagram story reflects his genuine enthusiasm and pride for his growing business empire.


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LeBron James’ foray into the business world draws inevitable comparisons to Michael Jordan, another basketball legend who achieved tremendous success off the court. His Airness has a line of Tequilla of his own named Cincoro.

Both athletes have leveraged their superstar status to venture into various industries, with Jordan making his mark in the realms of fashion and sports apparel. The parallel between the two legends is a testament to their entrepreneurial prowess and the enduring impact they have made beyond their athletic achievements.

LeBron James strives for success on and off the court

LeBron James showed his usual greatness in performance on the basketball court this season. As the cornerstone of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron has consistently demonstrated his basketball prowess, leading his team with his incredible skills and leadership.


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As LeBron James continues to expand his business empire, his success story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. While it won’t be easy, he is able to transition from the basketball court to the boardroom seamlessly.

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LeBron James’ latest addition to his tequila line, the Anejo 1707 limited edition, further cements his reputation as a savvy businessman. As he continues to excel on the basketball court and expand his business ventures, LeBron’s impact extends far beyond the boundaries of sports. In the realm of entrepreneurship, he stands alongside the likes of Michael Jordan, both legends leaving an enduring legacy that transcends their on-court achievements.

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