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“So Bad for Our Sport”: After Labeling Dirk Nowitzki as ‘Overrated’, Sports Analyst Gets Called Out on Twitter by 27 Y.O. Former Lakers Star

Published 06/02/2023, 12:35 PM EDT

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Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best big men to play the game. Unsurprisingly, analysts have heated debates about his legacy. In the lore of the NBA, the debate of “who is greater than whom” dominates the scene. So it is only natural for someone like Nowitzki to feature in such debates. Fox Analyst, Chris Broussard, has a rather controversial opinion regarding the German Sharpshooter.

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While discussing the legacy of big men, Broussard expressed that if Nikola Jokic wins the championship, he will surpass Kevin Garnett. The analyst then talked about the astronomical numbers the Joker is putting in while carrying the Nuggets.

Broussard’s hot take on Nowitzki


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Broussard rates the Nuggets’ big highly and expects him to surpass even Kevin Durant. When comparing All-Around Center with the German phenom, he questioned the German’s legacy. “I think Dirk is overrated by a lot of people. He is great but I’d put Jokic ahead of Dirk if he wins this championship, without a question,” said Broussard.

These comments didn’t sit well with Kyle Kuzma. The Washington  Wizards forward and former Lakers star took to Twitter and expressed his disappointment. The 27-year-old considered these comments as a bad reflection of the sport. Kuz himself had a breakout season and has incorporated some moves by Nowitzki in his game. His comments are not surprising because, unlike the Fox commentator, he considers the revolutionary big underrated.


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Nowitzki had a terrific career but had to wait 12 seasons for a title. He made an entry in the 2006 NBA Finals but a young Dwyane Wade denied him the championship.


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The towering legacy of Dirk Nowitzki

The Mavs were the underdog in the 2011 Finals but pulled an amazing series win over the much-favored Miami Heat. The 2011 Mavs were a team made up of experienced players but many of them were past their prime. It is regarded as one of the most unexpected results in NBA history. Individually, the sharpshooting big man had 13 seasons where he averaged over 20 points per game.

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The power forward’s fadeaway is considered one of the most iconic shots in history. When he entered the NBA, his playing style was an exception to the norm for a big man. That alone paved the way for more sharp-shooting big men. Is Broussard right about Dirk being overrated? What do you think?

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