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Stephen A. Smith Rips Kyrie Irving And The Nets For Possibly Ruining The NBA: “I Wouldn’t Sign Him to a Long-Term Deal Again. He Can’t Be Trusted.”

Published 01/19/2022, 7:30 AM EST

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Stephen A. Smith is one of the most outspoken TV personalities in basketball. Smith currently works as a commentator on ESPN’s First Take and makes numerous appearances on other ESPN shows. Smith is also known for his catchphrase such as blasphemous and ‘How Bout them Cowboys’. Not to mention, he’s a vocal critic of Kyrie Irving and his actions.

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Kyrie is one of the few non-vaccinated players in the league, as it opposes his beliefs and learnings. Smith has blasted Kyrie on several occasions for his noncommitment during his stint with the Brooklyn Nets.

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Recently, Smith came out and slammed Irving and the Nets for ruining the NBA. He said, I think it would be a disaster If the Brooklyn nets, uh, won the championship for the game of basketball, I really do. And the reason why I feel that way is because of liberties, Kyrie Irving has taken in the past before there was even a vaccine issue.


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“First of all, I respect his honesty and him staying true to his convictions. That’s fair enough. And I’m one of those dudes who believes that Kyrie Irvin is such a showstopper. He’s so spectacular. If you want it to pay him 50 million a year, I wouldn’t care, he deserves it. But I wouldn’t sign him to a long-term deal again. He can’t be trusted.”

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Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith

This is not the first time Smith has taken exception to Kyrie and his actions. Last year, when Kyrie choose not to engage the media on media day, he went off on him. He said that Kyrie should be fined every time he doesn’t talk to the media. Smith emphasized that Kyrie is under contract and it is his obligation to perform his duties. He called Kyrie immature and selfish. Smith outright called him a ‘snob’.

When Kyrie broke protocols last season and missed a few games due to personal season, Smith said Kyrie should just retire. He implied Kyrie has not prioritized basketball. Smith said it’s not fair to the Nets organization, coaches, his teammates, and his superstar Kevin Durant. According to Smith, even though Irving’s heart is in the right place, it is not cool for him to not show up to work.


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When the Warriors came to the Barclays Center and blew the Nets out, Smith said that Kyrie has betrayed Kevin Durant. He said the only reason Durant came to Brooklyn was for Kyrie. And Kyrie has basically betrayed him by not taking the vaccine and not being able to be part of the season. He basically said that he left his boy hanging, and he only thinks about himself.

It’s safe to say that Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving don’t see eye to eye on many matters.


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What do you think about Kyrie Irving’s long-term future with the Brooklyn Nets?

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