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Stephen Curry Has a Lot to Say About Kobe Bryant and MLB legend Buster Posey

Published 08/20/2021, 11:27 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Stephen Curry is like no other NBA superstar we have seen. Of course, the league has seen many legends come and go but this Warriors superstar has left an impact that created a legacy for the Dubs. And Steph got here through his own fair share of hard work, watching the superstars before his generation and learning. But if there are two people he always speaks highly of. One is the Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, who has inspired thousands of other young basketball aspirants. And the other is MLB legend, Buster Posey.

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Why Kobe Bryant stands out amongst the rest of the NBA legends?

There is probably no one who speaks ill of Kobe Bryant. The man was one of a kind, that spent his NBA career winning championships and achieving milestones that are considered insurmountable today. But what he was most known for was his mentality and how he never moved from team to team and gave the Los Angeles Lakers his all. This is what Steph praised in his most recent interview.


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“It means it sets a standard for the culture, especially with guys that are respected,” said Curry. “Obviously Tim (Duncan), you could ask Coach (Steve) Kerr all day long he’ll put soundbites of what he meant to the (Spurs) organization, the consistency from year in to year out. Kobe was different in terms of he pushed himself and willed himself to levels that are all-time greatness and legendary.”


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“There’s all kinds of commentary on what kind of teammate he was and all that, but he pushed everybody to be great, had high expectations. There was a standard of excellence that came with that. Just a different way of going about it.”

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Stephen Curry adds himself and Buster Posey to this elite list

Steph and Posey seem to have a great relationship. While Curry has visited Giants fans, Posey even congratulated Steph when he won MVP back in 2015. It is safe to say, the two Bay Area athletes have a great appreciation for one another. So, talking about the consistency of playing for one team, Steph had more to say about himself and Buster, too.

He stated, “Buster, myself, to even just have that opportunity, one knowing that you’re still providing tremendous value to the team throughout a season, a playoff chase and it’s not just a ceremonial position that you’re in. That’s a different conversation that I don’t think we want to be in anytime soon. “


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“So it’s like balancing both, respect the consistency, the standard, the culture that you’ve been part of and helped build, and then maintaining that for as long as you can. And you want to win. That’s the biggest thing. It’s important to balance all those different parts.”

There might never be two more talented players from San Francisco than these two. And of course, anything one says about Kobe is never enough. Nowadays, loyalty like this for one team is rare and should be respected. No wonder Steph draws inspiration from people like Kobe and Posey.


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