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Stephen Curry Once Left Steve Kerr Impressed With 3 AM Gesture After Warriors’ 30 Point Loss

Published 05/25/2022, 4:31 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

ESPN analyst Ramona Shelburne shared an inspiring story on NBA Today that Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told her about Stephen Curry following a 30-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves last year. The story displays Steph’s dedication to his profession and his appreciation for the fans.

America’s Favorite Video Today

He is one of the biggest stars in the game right now. However, his humble approach to the game is something few have. This was on display in the story told by Kerr.

Stephen Curry makes people happy


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According to Shelburne, irrespective of Steph’s accolades, he makes people happy. He always maintains a friendly, cheerful, and happy demeanor, which makes him endearing to millions of fans around the world.

She narrated an inspiring story about Steph that Steve Kerr had told her a year ago. Last season, after a disappointing loss against the Timberwolves, every player was looking forward to getting into bed.


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But Steph Curry couldn’t ignore the Warriors fans who had gathered in front of their hotel, “And Steph Curry stops and signs the autographs for those Warriors fans at 3 in the morning.”

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Jefferson and Perkins both agreed that Steph’s cheerful spirit is truly incredible. It’s a major reason why he has so many fans all around the world. In fact, his legacy as the greatest shooter of all time is set in stone.

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Right now, however, the Steph Curry-led Warriors are on the verge of the 2022 NBA finals. They currently lead the Dallas Mavericks 3-1 in the Western Conference finals. Meanwhile, Curry has kick-started a hot debate in the media after basically sealing his claim at the inaugural Magic Johnson Western Conference finals MVP trophy.

Steph vs Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal

Nobody doubts Stephen Curry‘s place in history as a generational talent who transformed the game forever. Moreover, he is the only unanimous MVP in NBA history.

However, Curry’s legacy is often questioned by critics due to the lack of Finals MVPs in his resume, despite winning three championships. Another point of contention for many experts is the creation of a ‘superteam’ by including Kevin Durant in the Warriors’ last two championship wins.


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Therefore, Richard Jefferson vehemently opposed Kendrick Perkins’ opinion on NBA Today that Steph Curry should be put ahead of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in the list of greatest players ever if he leads the Warriors to the championship this year.

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Incidentally, both Shaq and Kobe have only one MVP each compared to Steph’s two. Shaq has three Finals MVPs, Kobe two. While Steph has none. If the Warriors win this year, Steph will match Shaq in terms of championship wins. But Kobe will still have one more championship on him.


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Perkins And Jefferson started going back and forth at each other with their stats and arguments. What is your opinion about it? Is Curry ahead of Shaq and Kobe? Let us know in the comments!



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