Stephen Curry Triggers Retirement Woes With 4 Words After Mesmerizing 38 Year Old LeBron James With Unreal Skill

Published 03/12/2023, 7:13 AM EDT

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The Golden State Warriors’ 2022-23 season is impossible to bet on. The Dubs have been riding on a roller coaster ever since the season started. Additionally, their main man, Stephen Curry has been plagued with injuries throughout the season. Since the Baby-faced assassin finally returned to the lineup a few days ago, fans have been hoping to see him help turn the team’s fortunes around. It looks like their prayers have been finally heard. However, he also scared quite a few of those fans when he uttered a few words that no one from the DubNation would want to hear.

Although LeBron James was mightily impressed by Chef Curry’s performance, he might have also frowned on what the Warriors superstar jokingly said at the end of the game. His clutch performance against the Milwaukee Bucks has turned heads, as he continues to impress, aged almost 35.

Stephen Curry utters four words that none of the Dubs fans want to hear


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Stephen Curry and the Dubs put on one of their best displays of the season as they overcame the NBA-leading Milwaukee Bucks. The one superstar that took the game by storm was Curry, as he helped the Dubs overcome an eight-point deficit in the last two minutes of regulation time to push the game into OT.

The Warriors took over the game in OT as they ended the Bucks’ three-game winning streak. In the end, a visibly tired Curry walked toward Lisa Salters from ESPN to give his post-match interview. Salters couldn’t help but joke with Curry about his mind-blowing performance.

You look tired, you okay?” asked Salters. To which Curry replied, “Oh I’m great! I’m just getting old“. 

The Dubs fans surely wouldn’t have liked to hear that, as they know ‘father time’ is inevitable. Curry is going to turn 35 on March 14th. It isn’t ‘young’ in terms of basketball, but all the Dubs fans can do is keep their fingers crossed and hope Curry stays injury free for the rest of his playing career. 


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Additionally, the fans would also hope that the baby-faced assassin takes some tips from LeBron James, who has previously claimed he is winning against ‘father time’. However, one can’t really spot the Warriors’ no. 30 getting old as he single-handedly dragged the Warriors to a win. A win that even prompted LeBron James to tip his hat to ‘Chef Curry’.

The Warriors superstar dropped 36 points in the game, with 22 points in the fourth quarter and OT. A truly clutch performance, but does that erase all the concerns for the Warriors till the postseason? Maybe not, because their performances have reeked of inconsistency throughout the season.


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Can the Warriors rest easy with Curry finally at his best?

The answer is complicated, and so are the statistics. The San Francisco side has won their last eight home games but has lost seven away games on the trot. It is a huge sign of inconsistency that could ultimately cost them in the postseason.

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Additionally, Curry hasn’t really been playing poorly since his return, as he dropped 29 and 40 points respectively in their last two losses against the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder. Their primary issue is the defense, which they need to fix up quickly. However, the latest injury to Draymond Green may hamper their progress.

What are your thoughts on Curry’s comments after his game-winning performance against the Bucks? Let us know in the comments.



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