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“Stephen Curry Will Own Him”: Ja Morant And His Grizzlies Teammate’s Bizarre Victory Dance vs Anthony Edwards’ Wolves Does Not Sit Well With NBA Fans

Published 04/30/2022, 9:00 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The Memphis Grizzlies emerged victorious against the Minnesota Timberwolves in game 6. They won the game series 4-2 after an enthralling battle between the two young sides. The 6th game probably was not as close as we as neutrals would have loved to see as the Grizzlies were just too good and ran away in the 4th quarter. Ja Morant and co. will now face the Warriors in the conference semifinals.

Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards got the most points, 30 from both sides, but could not bring the victory home. The Timberwolves lacked the cutting edge. In the 4th quarter, the Grizzlies surged through and ended the quarter 18 points ahead, which in turn led to an 8-point win for the Grizzlies.


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Ja Morant has proven many times that he can help his team when it matters. The young point guard can come in clutch. So it’s safe to say that he has had much better games than he did against the Timberwolves. Last season he averaged 30.2 points in 5 games in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, his team could not follow through and go ahead. This year he has averaged 21.5, but the good thing is the Grizzlies have qualified for the next round. But talking about clutch players, they will face Stephen Curry in the conference semi-finals next.

NBA fans troll Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks for the ‘griddy’

The dance step of sorts called the ‘griddy’ has caught the trend. There have been many viral videos on different social media platforms which have people doing the dance move. Ja Morant, after the win, did his version of it. Unfortunately, the fans did not share the same enthusiasm as him and Dillon Brooks. The NBA fans trolled the duo over Twitter for their celebration.


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The prospect of the matchup between Ja Morant and Stephen Curry, Grizzlies vs Warriors, is enticing. Where Stephen Curry is a veteran and truly one of the most elite players ever, Ja Morant is one of the most exciting young players. He surely has a big future ahead of him.


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The Warriors have a proper combination of experience and freshness. Whereas the Grizzlies are a young team. Although the Warriors have looked more solid, we can’t write off the Grizzlies as they have the caliber to surprise any team. A truly enthralling clash awaits!



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