‘Their Organization Thought I Was Done’: John Wall Sends Strong Message to Washington Wizards

January 27, 2021 10:42 am

Two years ago, no one would have imagined that John Wall would ever consider leaving his NBA birth giver, the Wizards. But this is how the business runs, and today he is a proud Houston Rockets member, helping them win important games. 

After leaving Washington, John was up against his former team for the first time, and he delivered. On the Rockets’ home court, John played a game with absolute aggression and unmatched hunger to make every second count. As a result, they comfortably defeated a shorthanded Wizards.

John Wall’s revelations after the victory over Wizards

The Optimus Dime had a memorable outing at the Toyota Center. He scored 24 points in as many minutes and also added 2 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1 steal. His three-point shooting aside, the 6’3” point guard was at the top of his game. 

In the post-game interview, the interviewer asked what led to him considering making a move away from the Wiz. He did not hesitate to respond and revealed, “The love that I have for that community, seeing the fans that have loved me for 10 years, I have nothing but love for those guys. But I just feel like their organization thought I was done. No matter how much hard work I put in over the summer…”

Clearly, the man was unsure about his future in the organization, or else he would have stayed there for long. However, with one such performance tonight, he sent a coherent message that the Wizards organization was wrong in calculating his comeback potential. There was another theory that claimed that James Harden wanted John Wall to take the place of Russell Westbrook in the Rockets. Perhaps that is how this starry swap took place.

When the Rockets’ star locked horns with Russell Westbrook

In the same match, things heated in the 4th quarter when the Rockets were leading 94-81 with 5 minutes left. Both Russ and John got involved in heated exchanges when the referees had to intervene and award them double-technical. It was Bradley Beal patting Russ from behind, asking him to focus on the job, and it was DeMarcus Cousins showing his support to John that got the two back to the game. It seems like this game held much more value to the players than the initial stage of the season would reflect.

The Rockets, because of their amazing defense, restricted the Wizards and improved their record to 7-9. John Wall, who came from an injury and has also never played complete seasons in the last two years, looked strong. The Rockets are back on track and now playing with greater stability and better chemistry.

Who do you think will take his respective team to greater heights, John Wall or Russell Westbrook?

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Sourabh Singh

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