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“They Don’t Suffer”: Soccer Icon Cristiano Ronaldo Shared the Same Views as Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal on Crucial Parenting Strategies

Published 11/24/2022, 8:30 AM EST

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When it comes to setting the soccer stage on fire, Cristiano Ronaldo arguably grabs the top spot. The numbers make him one of the greatest marksmen in the history of the sport. He and his rival Lionel Messi shared one of the most iconic sporting rivalries of all time. However, the Portuguese forward had to prove his talents every step of the way. He rose as an icon with sheer hard work and dedication to his craft. But, he feels the younger generation doesn’t share the same hunger. A view even NBA greats Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal share.

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Recently, the soccer world was blown to bits after Cristiano Ronaldo’s candid interview with Piers Morgan. The former Manchester United forward unloaded on the Red Devils. His talks had several repercussions. The most prolific goal scorer in soccer history lost millions in salary. Moreover, his credibility took a heavy hit as experts viewed his behavior to be unprofessional.

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However, apart from his loud antics, the 37-year-old also took time to share his honest views on the generation after him. Notably, the Portugal international feels everything is handed to the modern generation without any suffering. And he isn’t the first one to take such a stand. Notably, Michael Jordan has also been critical of the disappointing evolution from his time. Moreover, Shaquille O’Neal makes sure the present principles don’t reach his children.


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Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, and Shaquille O’Neal take on the modern era

In an interview that was heard all over the sports world, Cristiano Ronaldo used the platform to speak about the current generation of athletes. According to the soccer giant, they have no hunger in them. CR7 told Piers Morgan: “I think they have the things more easily. Everything is easy. They don’t suffer.”

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However, he isn’t the first athlete to voice this concern. Before Ronaldo, Michael Jordan also spoke in a similar tone. The Chicago Bulls legend felt the modern era no more have to prove themselves. His words aimed at NBA stars making millions without even stepping on the court. On the other hand, greats such as MJ and Magic Johnson had to strive for every dollar they earned. Likewise, the six-time NBA champion felt it affects the work ethic when rewards are granted even before the performance.


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With kids of their own, Ronaldo and MJ have both pushed their values forward. Notably, Jordan never let his success affect his attitude as a parent. All his children have made a career of their own and made a place for themselves. Much of their approach probably comes from the principles instilled by their Hall of Fame father.


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On the other hand, Ronaldo has taught his 12-year-old the hard lessons to be successful. Similar to the Real Madrid legend, his heir has fallen in love with soccer. And as a father, Ronaldo makes him work hard. From workouts to a strict diet, CR7 has pushed his son from a young age.

Shaquille O’Neal made his parenting approach public during an interview. Despite his $400 million success, ‘Superman’ made one thing clear, it’s his hard-earned money. The Los Angeles Lakers legend has rules for each of his children. Notably, he won’t hand them anything unless they bring him two degrees. Moreover, Shaq doesn’t want basketball to be a common theme. He wants all his six children to explore different professions and create their own success stories.


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Likewise, these legends might have done their part in keeping their kids from getting spoilt. However, do you think their views are right about the modern era? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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