“This Kid Is Actually Being Used by His Father..”: Ugly Side of Russell Westbrook Fan Interaction Fiasco Turns NBA Twitter Into a Mosh Pit

Published 01/31/2023, 11:33 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

NBA players of the current generation are all about giving back to the people. Showing love to their fans and supporters by signing shoes or jerseys and clicking pictures with them. Sometimes fans also go out of control. One such occasion occurred during a fan interaction between Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook and a small kid. The video of their recent interaction has caught the attention of Twitter users.

Initially, the Lakers’ sixth man was called out for his actions toward the young kid. Later, when an NBA analyst, Troydan, shared the apparent real motive behind Westbrook’s denial, NBA fans could not believe it.

Real motive comes out after Russell Westbrook denies to sign a kid’s jersey


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Fans seemed to appreciate Westbrook for the denial afterward. According to a recent tweet from NBA analyst Troydan, he said, “This kid is actually being used by his father to stalk celebrities into signing items just to resell them on Ebay. World is crazy.”

NBA fans were shocked to know that this was the real motive behind the pleading from the kid.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:


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Crazier as it gets, a few Twitter users even spotted that the young fan was having a blue marker in his hand, which apparently eases their work. Blue ink supposedly helps them to copy signatures, due to its light tone.

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Many fans believe this is a very cheap tactic, which should not be promoted at all. They also believe that Westbrook did the right thing in the end. After receiving a lot of hate the previous season and at the start of this season, Westbrook has seemingly got his respect back from the fans. Though the Lakers are not having a great season, the 6’3″ point guard has been a great support to the team, coming off the bench. Westbrook has been very effective off the bench and continues to move up in the all-time triple-doubles made rankings.


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The Lakers currently find themselves down in 13th place in the Western Conference table with a 24-28 record so far this season.

Do you think the Lakers can make the playoffs this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Rohan Dharmalingam


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