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Tupac Destroyed Michael Jordan For Playing Basketball with “Little White Kids” In Explosive Resurfaced Interview

Published 04/20/2022, 12:00 PM EDT

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Michael Jordan became a role model to many as he became an icon. MJ during the Bulls era rose to a different level of stardom. He dominated the NBA and became a fan favorite in no time. He became the spearhead of the Chicago Bulls winning six championships in eight years.

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However, famous rapper Tupac didn’t seem to be a fan of his way of inspiration. He exploded in an interview and ripped into His Airness.

Tupac was one of the most influential figures in the rap world. The Hall of Fame rap star did many things for African Americans before his unfortunate passing in 1996. Even today, many from the industry hold immense respect for Pac as he left his mark behind.


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His life was filled with struggles. But still, he stood tall for his message and helped the ones who needed it. And when it comes to Jordan, he expected him to do the same.

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In an interview, the rapper did not hold back against Mike as he said he only played with the suburban kids.

Tupac went off on Michael Jordan

Tupac being such a figure for social activities, has always been transparent. Pac always raised his voice on issues he thought were right. Likewise, he didn’t keep any exceptions.

In an interview, he spoke about how Michael has never gone into a hood. He said Jordan only goes into the city and serves as an inspiration to kids who already have role models. However, when it comes to the ones who are going through struggles, they remain ignored.


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He said: “Let’s see Jordan come down to the inner city, just a parking lot, and just shoot ball with the kids. I bet you that would change their life. Instead of going to some suburban PAL unit, shooting ball with all the — excuse me, but the little white kids that always have heroes to shoot ball with.”

“They got dad to shoot ball with, grandpa to shoot ball with, uncles to shoot ball with, godfathers to shoot ball with, their friends, their neighbors to shoot ball with. Everybody got a basketball court in their neighborhood.”


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While Tupac did speak his mind, Jordan has made his contributions to society. He may not have gone into the difficult neighborhood, but the Hall of Famer has surely done his part. MJ has made multiple million-dollar donations to help out in his personal way and as a part of the Charlotte Hornets as well.

He runs the Jordan Institute for Families back in North Carolina. In addition, His Airness even donated his entire 2001-2002 salary to various charities supporting the 9/11 tragedy.


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Hence, Jordan surely became a role model off the court, but he also made sure to give back and use his wealth for the right reasons. Do you agree with Tupac’s criticism of Jordan? Let us know in the comments below.

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