Twitter Turns Unforgiving As the Brooklyn Nets Took Another Stabbing Loss Against the Cavaliers

January 23, 2021 9:12 am

Same effort, same mistakes, and same result, all over again. The Brooklyn Nets did not seem to learn from their mistakes from the last game against the Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving’s former team again upset the Nets and defeated them 125-113. 

The game ran neck-to-neck until halftime. However, the Cavs took the charge in the third quarter and took a big lead. Collin Sexton, the top performer from the last game, entered Q3 for Darius Garland and unleashed his power. He made driving floating jump shots and accurate free throws to showcase that his prior performance was not a fluke.

Twitter came down heavily on the ailing Brooklyn Nets

It was James Harden’s third game for the Nets and also his second loss. In fact, the only game they won with ‘The Beard’ was against the Bucks, and that too was a two-point match that they almost lost. 

Next up, Kyrie was making a comeback after missing seven straight games. He played well in both games but could not force a win. It is as if cryptic Ky brought some jinx with him just as he entered the squad.

Take a look at some mean tweets that followed this punishing loss-

Clearly, the Nets’ bench failed at proving their worth. The cherry on the bitter cake – the starting five also struggled miserably. DeAndre Jordan (26 minutes), Joe Harris (31 mins), and Bruce Brown (23 mins) combined for just 25 points. So it all came down to the duo, and they too could not save it.

The Cavaliers seemed way too strong

Kevin Durant missed the game, and that really impacted the Nets’ offense. KD played 50 minutes in the last game that went into double-OT but sat out for this game. And yet again, Kyrie’s 38 points were not enough to help the Nets win.

It was point guard Collin Sexton with his 25 points and Larry Nance Jr with his double-double that helped the big man Andre Drummond to set a solid foundation. With three rotation players scoring in double figures, the Cavs left no chance of a comeback for Steve Nash’s side.

Do you think the Brooklyn Nets can bounce back in style? Help us know your views in the comments.

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