“Failure” Billionaire Michael Jordan “Hate Speech” Incites Aggressive Reactions From 7X Mr Olympia Phil Heath and Ex-NBA Star

Published 03/19/2023, 11:10 AM EDT

The Charlotte Hornets, currently owned by Michael Jordan, might very well be under new ownership soon. After all, reports revealed that Jordan is looking to sell his majority stake in the franchise. This news hit the franchise while they are struggling and have a bleak chance of making the playoffs this season. Following this huge update, a great debate about Jordan’s greatness is floating around the internet. Eminent media personality Colin Cowherd had a very controversial claim which has raised some eyebrows.

During a recent appearance on The Volume, Cowherd singled out some of MJ’s biggest failures, like his baseball career. Moreover, he claimed that His Airness would have had a very different career trajectory if not for Scottie Pippen. This wasn’t taken well by a bodybuilding superstar and a former NBA star who voiced their opinions on Twitter.

Athletes come to the rescue of under-fire Michael Jordan


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There is no denying that Michael Jordan has had one of the greatest careers in the NBA. He has won almost every accolade possible while dominating the league and winning six NBA titles. However, no one is perfect and MJ has had his failures.

His Airness took a brief hiatus from basketball and tried his hands at baseball, which failed. Then he had an underwhelming stint with the Washington Wizards which was pointed out by Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd said, “He tried baseball. He failed. He tried ownership. He was awful. He tried the Wizards. It bombed.” Interestingly, The Volume founder then questioned Jordan’s greatness had Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson not contributed.

This wasn’t taken well by former Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, and former Boston Celtics star Evan Turner. Replying to a post which shared Cowherd’s comments, Heath tweeted, “He set standards of excellence so high that anything less was considered failure.” On the other hand, Turner wrote, “This gotta be hate speech.”


Billionaire ‘Failure’ Michael Jordan May Fume After Being Dragged Through the Mud with Stinging Scottie Pippen Claim

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Cowherd’s statements have gained a lot of traction. A majority of the fan comments call out the anchor for his unnecessary claims while Jordan is going through a rocky patch.

Cowherd had once heaped praises on Jordan


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Not very long ago, Colin Cowherd had praised the Chicago Bulls legends while criticizing LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. During an episode of ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’, he said, “Nothing against LeBron and KD and James Harden, but they’re for sale.”

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Additionally, he talked in length about the greatness of His Airness. Cowherd asserted that Jordan had to fight a lot of adversity and other problems while being underpaid.


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