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WATCH: Anthony Davis Twerks and Sings With a Drink In His Hand At Crazy Wedding Ceremony

Published 09/19/2021, 9:28 AM EDT

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NBA players are often seen in invigorating situations on the court. Completely focused on the job at hand, doing all they can to get the ball in the basket and winning the championship. But what’s fascinating is we get to see an even better and entertaining side of them off the court. And what better occasion than a wedding, right? Well, the Los Angeles Lakers have made this entire season about themselves, so now Anthony Davis is taking the limelight with his shenanigans at his own wedding.

Anthony Davis in a jamming session at his wedding

Anthony Davis officially tied the knot with his long-term fiance, Marlen P. Little is known about their relationship since they prefer to keep their love life quite private. But the two have a beautiful daughter together, Nala. However, no matter how hard anyone tries to keep such a big event away from the tabloids, it’s difficult. And when you’re Anthony Davis, it’s near impossible.


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Since their marriage, social media is being stormed with images and videos of the two. In fact, we even got to see a rare romantic side of Davis singing for Marlen. But that wasn’t it. Well, getting married is one of the happiest moments of most people’s lives and AD seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. He was caught singing ‘My, My, My’ while goofing around with the people on stage, including his wife.


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Who else did the Lakers superstar invite?

Apart from Russell Westbrook and Jared Dudley, LeBron James was also spotted at the wedding, looking dashing as ever. He even got roped into a media frenzy about not being Davis’ best man. That aside, his former Kentucky coach was also seen, along with DeMarcus Cousins. And let’s not forget Adele being clicked alongside Dudley. Looks like AD really knows how to put a party together.


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With so much going on, this happy event was much needed. Davis is going to be starting a vital season with his Los Angeles Lakers teammates with a lot to prove. A wedding ring won’t be enough to hold off haters because it’s the championship ring that they need to see.


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