WATCH: LeBron James Shows Tightrope Walking Skills in the Middle of Lakers Vs Bulls Game

January 24, 2021 9:27 am

The Lakers are getting scarier with every passing game. They are 8-0 on the road and their early gain against the Chicago Bulls signaled towards a 9th away win. This is almost unbelievable, considering that 12/15 teams in the WC are yet to touch overall nine wins. A lot of credit for this phenomenal success goes to LeBron James.

The floor general of the Lakers is showing no signs of aging. True, he is averaging 32.6 minutes per game, and that is his lowest, but it’s not limiting him from dropping dimes. Moreover, it is also not stopping the King from having the time of his life. Take a look at one of those moments.

The kid in LeBron James caught in the act

Lion roar, power poster dunks, intimidating fadeaways, the fans know LeBron for these stunts. However, all work and no fun can make Jack a dull boy. The NBA veteran and future Hall of Famer knows this well. Hence, he does not let go of any opportunity to enjoy a light moment. 

In the game against the Bulls, the Lakers took a convincing early lead and that allowed Bron to show off his Tightrope walking skills. Nearing the end of Q1, he pulled out the Philippe Petit (high-wire walk artist) in him and surprised everyone. 

The carefree Bron’s lighthearted show of circus must have further aggravated the ailing Bulls. The 4-time NBA Champion scored 13 points, 8 rebs, 5 assists, and 2 steals in 18 minutes of playtime. By half time, Zach LaVine was the only Bull who scored points in double digits as they trailed 33-63. Maybe this is why the Bulls’ mascot was sitting like this-

Lakers’ leader’s dual personality on the court

LeBron used driving dunk shots, finger-roll layup shots, and many others from his repertoire in the game against the Bulls. In one such shot, Bron showed a bullet-like sprint to make a power dunk and kick-started the dominance. 

But that side of the L-Train is eclipsed when his hilarious avatar shows up. Be it him joining the spectators to boo a celebrity, or him mocking/imitating his teammates, this legend has done it all. Consider this as proof – 

So now we ask, which side of LeBron is more dear to you? His angry roaring side or his insanely enjoying flip side? Help us know in the comments.

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