WATCH: Bucks Star Hilariously Imitates Heat’s Bam Adebayo

December 31, 2020 9:00 am

Since the season’s started, some NBA teams have been losing and bruising brutally. After the first eight days and 54 games, the average winning margin was close to 13ppg, which means most matches were one-sided. The Bucks’ bombarding victory over the Miami Heat in the first game remained one of the greatest contributors to this data. 

Their second meeting also produced a decent deficit, even though a different side won. The Miami Heat were playing in the absence of their guiding light, Jimmy Butler. Still, Tyler Herro’s double-double and Bam Adebayo’s desperate attempts helped them put up a great fight. They won 119-108. Herro and Bam were also part of some amazing match highlights.

When Milwaukee Bucks’ Brook Lopez imitated Bam like a pro-stand-up comedian

During one point of the game, center Bam seemingly sold a foul call by falling like a soccer star. This did not register well with his counterpart, Brook Lopez. So Brook showed his acting skills too by mocking the move by Bam Adebayo. It even left the match referee shocked. 

Apart from this, Brook did not particularly enjoy a very memorable night as he struggled with finding spaces and ended up having zero assists while his shot-making (3/11) struggled as well. Bam, on the other hand, scored 22 points, 10 assists with 2 blocks and a steal. It was certainly a night that helped the Miami Heat fans relive the glorious memories from the NBA Playoffs 2020.

Tyler Herro and his continued dominance from deep

The 21-YO helped the Miami Heat immensely in turning the tables. His 19-point double-double somewhat took the sheen away from Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 26-point triple-double. Tyler looked very much in control of the game. His floating jump shots, defensive rebounding, deep pull-up jumpers, all worked well.

Take a look at this astronomical 25-ft buzzer-beater three that helped the Heat close in the 14-point deficit in Q3 and bring it down. 

So from 58-72 down to 117-103 up, Herro’s 61.5% accuracy from the field helped the turnaround that largely benefited the Miami Heat. 

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