WATCH: NBA Legend Dwyane Wade Gets Golf Lessons from Tiger Woods

February 24, 2021 12:58 am

Humans always have the capacity to learn new things throughout their lives, and gaining knowledge is a never-ending process. Likewise, NBA legend Dwyane Wade is enjoying his retirement life, and he’s now happily investing his time into learning new things, including golf lessons with Tiger Woods. 

A lot of NBA stars love to play golf. It is an intriguing sport that keeps posing a new challenge every time you play. No matter the experience, an athlete can never master the sport and that is the beauty of it! 

D-Wade is no longer a part of the NBA and he’s now trying his luck with a sport that doesn’t involve high-flying dunks and intense crowd noises! 

Dwyane Wade is excited to learn from Tiger Woods

Dwyane Wade recently posted a video on his Instagram account where he was seen enjoying the company of 45-year-old Tiger Woods at a golf course. Wade is no professional, but he’s trying to learn golf from someone who has 82 US PGA titles to his name! 

The Twitter handle of NBA on TNT shared D-Wade’s Instagram video on their account, to reach out to a wider fan following. 

“I told y’all that I was about to do something amazing today; I got an opportunity, I say the ‘GOAT,’ he’s not comfortable with it, but had an opportunity to come out here with this guy. Tiger, thank you for teaching me something. How good am I, or how bad am I?” Wade asks Tiger Woods in the video. 

A puzzled Tiger Woods refrains from delivering an elaborate response and just replies that Wade is good and that he is in the process of getting better. This reply was enough for the four-time NBA champion, Dwyane Wade, who cautioned everyone about his talent. 

“Everybody be on the lookout, I got some lessons today from who I think is the ‘GOAT’ Tiger Woods. Thank you brother, appreciate it,” Wade concluded the video. Watch it below: 

The cheerful video from Wade and Woods would certainly lift up the spirits of a sports fan. Moreover, Woods is currently not competing on the PGA tour, since he’s recovering from a fifth back-surgery

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