“We Shouldn’t Exchange Citizens for Prisoners”: Conservative Leader Offers Grim Take for Americans After Brittney Griner Release

Published 12/24/2022, 1:10 PM EST

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The State Department’s decision that led to the release of Brittney Griner has become a major topic of discussion throughout the nation recently. The US government agreed to release Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout in exchange for WNBA star Brittney Griner. Many critics have advocated against the prisoner swap deal that POTUS Joe Biden approved of in an attempt to bring Griner home. Recently, a Conservative Community leader offered a concerning take for Americans after Griner’s release.

The Biden Administration brokered a deal to secure the release of Brittney Griner amidst ongoing protests demanding her swift release. However, President Biden has received some backlash regarding his decision to make the swap. Now, a conservative leader has shared a worrying take on the dangers of prisoner exchange programs, especially to Americans who travel overseas.

Community Leader offers grim take on Brittney Griner prisoner swap


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Conservative leader Tiffanie Ditlevson appeared on the ‘Business of Being Black with Tammy Mac’ show, alongside host Tammy Mac, sports TV host George Wrichster, Chalk Walk’s host Kim Y. Davis, and Radio personality KYNG. During the Business of Being Black show, Mac asked the guests why Black people should care if Griner’s prisoner swap was a fair deal or not.


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All the guests, including Ditlevson, gave their take in response to the question. However, the conservative leader’s thoughts on the prisoner exchange prompted a subsequent question from the host. Tammy Mac asked, “Did you say that we shouldn’t exchange citizens for prisoners because then our citizens become a target when we go overseas?”

Tiffanie Ditlevson responded, “100%, that is accurate.”

Ditlevson believed that the prisoner swap agreements by the US would make things more dangerous for the Americans traveling abroad. According to the former Indiana State Senate candidate, US authorities’ stance on prioritizing the freedom of American citizen might incentivize foreign countries to imprison US citizens. “It puts a bounty on the heads of Americans and it makes us a pawn,” she added.

Ditlevson’s take on prisoner exchange deals


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In her response to Tammy Mac’s question, Tiffanie Ditlevson further stated, “We need to care because so many Americans- Brown Americans, Black Americans, travel internationally and just knowing that our country will exchange criminals for Americans. That’s putting a bounty on the heads of Americans.”

Moreover, the Conservative leader reckoned that Griner’s prisoner exchange was ‘lopsided and rushed’. She argued that Americans could become a target for foreign governments to imprison and exchange in order to get what they wanted from the US. Ditlevson added, “So there are actually bigger implications here than just simply releasing an athlete.”


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